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Move beyond traditional learning and embrace the modern education era with e-learning solutions tailored and personalized for students global-wide. From easy-to-use education mobile apps to omnichannel knowledge consumption, e-learning portals have made it easy for learners to engage in consistent education despite the geographical boundaries, cultural differences, and the pandemic. If anything, the 2020 crisis increased the value proposition of e-learning solutions and why educational huts must invest in web and mobile applications.

At Triazine, we know the challenges clouding the online education realm, which is why our software development competence can help you take the lead in the very opportunistic e-learning market. We build e-learning portals, schools, colleges, educational institutes, management institutes, and other service providers. From customization to implementing innovative features that assist a learner, Triazine experts can do it all.


What is an e-learning solution?

In today's world of never-ending competition, only your degree can't make you market-ready. In fact, this thought has plagued students even enrolled in tier-1,2, and 3 colleges. Even students at premier educational abodes fear being unacceptable in the market and build a rewarding career path laden with satisfaction. It is where e-learning solutions come into existence. With the pandemic, the demand for e-learning solutions has skyrocketed and shows no sign of fading away. In fact, the market is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022.

To get started, let's understand the definition of e-learning solutions. e-learning or electronic learning is the delivery of knowledge and training through digital resources. Although e-learning is based on formalized learning, it is imparted via electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, or tablets. On the broader level, e-learning involves training, learning, and educating learners via an online medium.

Discover a new way of education with several e-learning solutions

e-learning helps with everything- whether it is to develop new skills or learn a new skill remotely. The convenience and accessibility offered by e-learning are tremendous. That said, e-learning can be categorized into four groups. These include:


Employee Training

The most frequented form of an e-learning solution, organizations utilize employee training for numerous reasons- onboarding new hires, improving employee performance, training or employees on new technology. Familiarizing employees using an LMS makes the environment efficient and more productive. In contrast with traditional training, e-learning encourages professional development and not grades and marks. Moreover, an LMS allows you to create exams, run reports, gather feedback, and personalize the learning so that you can continuously assess and improve training performance.


Knowledge Training

These programs cater to knowledge expansion via online solutions. It involves personalized or general learning sessions that connect teachers with students from all around the world. This knowledge sharing is chargeable, and the learning portals can be accessed by students who have the rights. The sessions can include learning solutions, quizzes, contests, point-rewards, etc., depending on the service provider.


Compliance Training

A necessary type of professional training allows employees to learn about new laws or regulations applicable to the role or industry. Compliance training is mostly mandatory and talks about health, safety, or productivity in the workplace. It can also include topics like diversity training, HR law, anti-harassment, etc.


Customer Training

These programs help customers use and understand a product or a service. This type of training is especially popular with software providers since it raises the bar for customer experience. Training customers better customer onboarding increases engagement and improves customer retention.

The advantages of e-learning solutions

Learners today want personalized content right when they need it. Since they are mainly on the move, they prefer accessing learning solutions 24/7/365 from anywhere. With their multitasking abilities and limited attention span, e-learning solutions are the answer.

e-Learning saves time and money

With online learning, your learners can access content from anywhere. They don't need to take time out of their lives to attend the classes. They can simply access the portal and save a substantial amount on both learners' and instructors' travel and accommodation costs.

e-Learning is scalable

Online learning allows several candidates to access a session simultaneously without experiencing any interruptions or even knowing the number of students attending it. It will enable more learners to take the course but still learn at their own pace. It makes online learning and e-learning solutions pretty scalable.

e-Learning leads to better retention

Leaners prefer bite-sized, interactive, and personalized content. They would instead like to watch a podcast than listen to an hour lecture. It is why e-learning tools should make the sessions engaging enough for their learners. If they enjoy receiving new information, they will keep on with the lecture and willingly apply the concepts at work.

e-Learning is a consistent source of knowledge

Online learning ensures a consistent and standardized form of training. You can eliminate the issues with e-learning and learn at your own pace regardless of when and where you take the course.

e-Learning offers personalized content

Every learner has unique learning preferences and goals. One student might learn at a faster speed, while others might need some time to complete the course. And e-learning makes it possible to cater the individual needs and ensure personal growth at all costs. It allows learners to choose their learning path and navigate the course as per their needs. When and wherever they decide to learn, they can remain invested in the course and further their learning efforts.

The top features in an e-learning solution

An e-learning application development service should have a faster response time and become a better return on investment. With trained and skilled developers, building online innovative and best-in-class education and learning applications are only a few months long development cycles away. As a leading e-learning development service provider, we put our best foot forward to build innovative and customized solutions that do more than just fulfilling your requirements. That said, the following are some features every e-learning solution must-have.

User-centric usability

A clean, clear, and smooth UI onboarding, personalized learning paths, and a powerful in-app search.

Lightning-fast performance

An e-learning solution leverages a unique blend of CDN integration services and performance engineering skills.

Top-notch security

An e-learning app should consist of DRM, encryption, access control, and watermarking to protect the licensed content from theft and unauthorized usage.

Smooth functionality

It must leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enable personalized recommendations and deep learner insights to suggest similar and relevant learnings.

Seamless integrations

An future-driven eCommerce solution follows industry-leading guidelines like AICC, SCORM, and xAPI to ensure robust performance on the web and mobile.

Cost mitigation

A fully-owned customized e-learning solution prevents voids subscription fees and expensive upgrades in the future.

Our Arcade of Geolocation Apps Developed

Readsfeed: e-Learning Site

Readsfeed - E-Learning | Mobile App

Readsfeed - E-Learning | Mobile App

Developed a web portal and mobile application for Readsfeed- a one-stop reading application that connects teachers, students, and parents and helps construct a reading community of the future. With a high-end technology stack of Ionic, Angular (Frontend), Firebase, Mobile App Analytics, Stripe, Twilio (third-party integrations), and AWS Lightsail (server environment), Readsfeed nurtures reading habits in kids by suggesting reading material of their choice, engages them with quizzes, contests, point rewards, allows parents to establish control over their kid’s reading materials and time spent, and includes different study sections like chat, events, and subscriptions to popular magazines in digital form.

If you are looking to implement any of the above Solutions or Industry Specific Solutions, we are happy to help you!