Enhance Business Productivity with Custom Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Empower your business with an automated all-in-one solution for supply chain, accounting, risk management, and other high-level management operations with minimal human impact with custom ERP software development services.


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps organizations better manage their resources and ensure seamless business collaboration. An ERP system when integrated with your existing business processes facilitates smooth information flow within the organization and empowers data-driven decisions. When implemented in software, ERP effectively collects data from different enterprise levels and organizes it for activities across departments. A dedicated ERP solution automates mundane human tasks, reducing errors and risks, and helps achieve a high level of enterprise efficiency.


What is an ERP Software Development?

An ERP software handles the management of core business processes in real-time. It stores, manages, and analyses information from several business activities, publishes them on a central system so that employees with the required access can obtain their related business information. With an integrated ERP solution, you can store every piece of information from any department in a central database. Then, the backend can access that part of the data that concerns their requirements or department. ERP specialists can manage all the business processes, provide role-based control, and mitigate data leak risks. Businesses can integrate any number of systems to their ERP solution- from supply chain to customer relationship management depending on their requirements.

The added advantage of an ERP system is that it is built to serve the one-of-a-kind needs of a business and can only be accessed by people familiar with the system. Therefore, an ERP system functions as a mediator for various enterprise departments, lets them collaborate with each other and offers risk-free and smooth data sharing within an organization.

The benefits of ERP software development

Custom ERP solutions are tedious to design and develop, but with an experienced software development company like Triazine, the result will always be unimaginable and excellent. There are several benefits to custom ERP software development like:


Benefits include


Isolated Modules

Create different modules designed for your specific requirements. Only authorized employees within a department can access the information. It prevents employees from another department from accessing the system unless they are authorized by the admin to do so. In the long run, custom ERP encapsulates business processes and data and prevents any data leaks.


Easy maintainable

In case of bug-fixing for ERP systems, an IT team can resolve the issue within no time. Precisely enough, since ERP systems are custom-made, developers can spend time familiarizing themselves with the system's peculiarities to ensure rapid and smooth system fixes and upgrades.


Highly flexible

Although there are several third-party ERP software available in the market ready for use, their main drawback is their lack of adaptability with your specific needs. Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. With custom ERP software designed specifically for your business, you can implement several business models depending on core operations and create a one-of-a-kind ERP system.


Reduced development cost

Custom ERP solutions ensures quality results with minimized errors and risks. Eventually, custom systems reduce the amount of rework for fixing bugs and resolving performance issues, hence, bringing down the overall product development costs.


Improved business collaboration

As ERP systems encapsulate data belonging to a business department providing access only to authorized personnel, it eliminates the chaos and confusion created by a single massive database, enhancing collaboration across various departments.


Automated human labor

Incorporating innovative digital technologies into ERPs effectively reduces human labor, leading to fewer errors, higher accuracy, and improved system efficiency.

Custom ERP software features

Triazine's custom ERP solutions incorporate several features and functionalities centered around creating a customized and all-in-one solution for businesses, empowering improved enterprise operations. Our developers can effectively integrate any type and number of business management systems creating a single enterprise dashboard for rapid access and better operational control.


Supply chain management


Purchase order management


Customer relationship management


Service management


Document management


Reporting and analytics


Field service management


Serial traceability


Inventory management


Financial management


Asset management


Material resource planning


Project management


General register management

We have partnered with leading ERP platforms

Our extensive experience in custom ERP software development includes implementing scalable and robust ERP platforms with industry-leading tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, SAP, Epicor, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics

From development to customization, integration, migration, system configurations, and reporting, our developers offer reliable Dynamics ERP services.

Oracle NetSuite

Boost your performance, enhance productivity and facilitate departmental collaboration with specialized development services for NetSuite ERP.


Our developers erect, implement, and integrate custom ERP solutions that fulfill your business’s unique needs with our SAP ERP development services.


Manage accounting, finance, supply chain, warehouses, inventory, manufacturing, and production from a single dashboard integrated into your existing system.

Tailored for your business by Triazine

Gain a competitive edge with our experience

Our developers have diverse stack knowledge and experiences, and we've served customers from various industrial verticals. We carefully analyze your problems, suggest a customized ERP implementation model, and even integrate it with your existing systems.

A local company with a global presence

Our lean and global business model creates value-based solutions for our clients located all around the world. Headquartered in the US, we've served clients from European, the UK, UAE, and MEA markets.

Client-centric solutions

We aim to create solutions that fit your unique business needs and solve prevailing issues. We place a lot of attention on providing the best quality software and services that add value to your existing services.

Capacity to scale

Our team of 100+ developers can scale any project. That means as your business grows, so do your software solutions.

Transparent pricing

We believe in not just serving our customers in the present but forge successful and robust business relationships with them for the future. We offer fair and transparent pricing models customized for your business requirements. Moreover, we provide ongoing support and assistance even long after successful project completion.

Case Studies Implementing customized ERP solutions for ambitious brands


ZatchUp | Mobile App

ZatchUp | Mobile App

Developed a user-centric and innovative mobile app and web portal for ZatchUp, a leading education ERP that brings alumni, educational institutes, and students in an institute together and allows knowledge sharing or plan co-curricular activities. The app and web solution allows student, alumni, and education institutes onboarding with limited access as per their roles. Moreover, the primary interfaces allow one-on-one chat or group calls, upload course materials, share text, images, and video with peers- like or comment on it. A user or institution can view only the contents they have been given permission for. During the pandemic, the app gained several institutions and students for its interfaces, all employing its mobile and web solution without experiencing any performance lag and scaling during peak traffic times.


Mobility SQR | Mobile App

Mobility SQR | Mobile App

Developed a web portal and mobile app for a growing SaaS-based digital platform, Mobility SQR, and empowered their employees to raise travel requests for corporate purposes and get real-time notifications about their raised tickets. Leveraging Google’s UI toolkit, Flutter, for building a beautiful and natively combined application for web, desktop, and mobile from a single codebase and implemented business workflows like tax laws prevalent in a country to which the employee belongs. Our developed solution has added 5X end-to-end efficiency to Mobility SQR’s team globally works better and faster in a legally compliant environment.

If you are looking to implement any of the above Solutions or Industry Specific Solutions, we are happy to help you!