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21st-century customers want everything at their fingertips, thanks to digitization


In the past few years, customers have become accustomed to using smartphones for everything, be it shopping, on-demand services, online classes, or work. One form of apps that has been gaining tremendous traction is the eCommerce apps. Be it fast-forward brands or marketplaces; everyone has seen the potential eCommerce app development holds and is diving right into its profits.

Although desktop spending for eCommerce brands shows steady logarithmic growth, the share of online retail sales via mobiles has witnessed a remarkable annual increase of 33.8% since 2016. It is because of the smooth and seamless transitioning customer experience at every tap. With freely available APIs, statistics suggesting mobile commerce to reach $3.5 trillion by 2021, and modern technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality making mention in the app development world, both web and mobile eCommerce has a long way to go.


What is an eCommerce app?

An eCommerce app is an alternative on-the-go sales channel for a brand, retailer, or merchant. In the fast-growing eCommerce market, every popular online store is betting on an eCommerce app as its business extension. With consumers increasing their mobile and web-led eCommerce purchases (stats show that commerce sale is expected to cross 4.5 trillion by 2021), it has become indispensable for online retailers to have an eCommerce web portal and mobile app to further its growth and sales.

eCommerce apps transition from brick and mortar to click and mortar, providing a more personalized shopping experience. With these apps, online stores can respond better to the needs and demands of their customers and place their preferences at the center of their business.

As per a survey from Clutch, there are reasons why consumers love eCommerce apps:


To get notified about deals and offers first-hand


Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of shopping online anytime, anywhere


Compare price and products with other sellers


Save time and energy from shopping in-store


Browse a more comprehensive range of products than the store


Choose where they want to get the order delivered

The benefits of having an eCommerce app for your business

Digital commerce is a booming business alternative that focuses on your customers, sales, and revenue. With an eCommerce app solution, you can target customers worldwide thanks to the widespread internet reach. Its on-the-go approach places you on your customer's radar always; hence, boosting your business without even spending too much marketing budget. An eCommerce app allows customers to not wait in long retail lines and instead shop for products at the comfort of their home.


Other benefits include:


Loyal customers:

A highly optimized, personalized, and well-designed web and mobile solution significantly improves customer experiences and reduces customer acquisition rates.


Brand Recognition:

Applications are the fundamental connection between brands and customers. A web and mobile app coupled with comprehensive marketing strategies work golden to garner the attention of potential clients.


Better efficiency and revenues:

Better efficiency and revenues: Since apps are highly flexible and user-friendly, with the right concept and functionalities, they can result in more orders, sales and consequently elevate your earnings.


Gain data about your customers:

In this generation, data is power. When you have the correct data about your customers, you can send the right message across. With improved and personalized content, you can edge over your marketing strategies, drive efficient promotional campaigns, and sell better to your customers.

The different types of eCommerce app development

When thinking of coding an eCommerce app, it is better to get familiar with its various types. It will help you choose a better and sustainable business model for your growth. In addition, it will help you target relevant customers in many practical ways.

Online Shopping

These apps are used for buying products online, ranging from furniture to personal supplies or a gadget. These apps might deal with one type of product or sell the entire Walmart on their site. However, if you're starting, it is better to focus on a specific category only.

B2B eCommerce

Unlike B2C apps that deal with end customers, it is other businesses in a B2B app. Alibaba is such an app where you can sell services and goods on behalf of the vendor.

Auction/Bidding eCommerce

These apps capture the broader customer base and reduce the auction venue or auctioneers. Such apps also allow customers to organize an auction or bidding or take part in the current ones.

Ticketing and Booking

These apps allow you to book tickets for shows, hotels, parties, music concerts, etc. It will enable customers to conveniently socialize and bridge the gap between event organizers and customers.

Core features in an eCommerce app

Until an eCommerce app is feature-rich and simplifies your customers' buying journeys, it won't have the traction you wish it should. The following are some features every eCommerce app must-have.

Easy Lookup for Products

The product range must be keyword optimized. Users must find the products they are looking for simply by typing in the search bar. You can also show relevant products as a part of the search.

Seamless Navigation

An attractive, intuitive, and easily navigable user interface allows users to surf the app comfortably while looking for products.

Uncomplicated Registration and Checkout

A user must easily open an account in your eCommerce store in just a few clicks. The same goes for the checkout process.

Multi-Currency and Multilingual

If you're building a global app, so make sure it is easily accessible by people from different countries in their preferred language.

Real-Time Monitoring

Allow users to access the progress of their orders, give reasons for the delay, and allow real-time tracking.

Several Payment Methods

Integrate your app with leading payment portals and allow for several payment types: debit cards, credit cards, UPI, BOPIS (buy online pay in-store), COD (cash on delivery), etc.

Easy Rating

After purchasing your products, customers must be allowed to leave their reviews or rate them easily. They must also be allowed to share their shopping experience on social channels.

eCommerce Wallet

This prevalent concept allows users to pay for services from their wallet, which secures the checkout for a customer.

Our Arcade of Geolocation Apps Developed

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza | Mobile App

Dominos Pizza | Mobile App

Empowered the world’s leading pizza restaurant chain with an effortless, seamless, and easily navigable mobile application leveraging enterprise IBM MobileFirst platform. In addition, we employed the AWS Cloud Auto Scale for hosting online ordering API and Middleware to allow easy scalability during peak traffic times. With features like live order tracking, online rating and review, help desk services, product customization, and mobile-first solution, Dominos now caters to its thriving customer base with a mobile application that serves its robust and dynamic business goal.

I Love Reading

I Love Reading:e-Commerce Site | Web App

I Love Reading:e-Commerce Site | Web Application

Developed an Adobe Commerce (Magento)-powered website and mobile application for an eCommerce brand, ILoveReading, offering digital and physical subscription services of magazines. ILoveReading allows users to purchase magazines one-time or set up a subscription for magazines offered by the publisher who have the liberty to sell their several authored books and monthly magazines. In addition, publishers can also offer digital content services as ungated content on the website or in .pdf format. We integrated the app and portal with Stripe for internet payments and Google Analytics for keeping a check on the latest trends and business needs.


Ultimate - E-Commerce | Mobile App

Ultimate - E-Commerce | Mobile App

Deployed an eCommerce rental app for Ultimate’s exhaustive rental business model. The app connects with several allied services via vendors associated with the custom ERP company. In addition, we incorporated features like delivery management, inventory management, route planning, tracking, and sales management. The mobile app is based on React Native’s one codebase for all platforms, and we’ve deployed the app and web portal on the cloud to allow for scalable, flexible, and easily accessible capabilities.

If you are looking to implement any of the above Solutions or Industry Specific Solutions, we are happy to help you!

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