Jauntfix Mobile App

It allows business in touring industry to showcase their offerings for the targeted buyers and reach out to the targeted audience, allows a traveler to connect with hoteliers, tour operators, etc. on the app itself.

Project Overview

Client was having the Idea of the business but not detailed documented plan at the same time he was also concern to keep the business idea confidential

As the client was concerned for his business concept, we allocated a business analyst to help him creating a detailed business plan and write development plan on the basis of devised business requirement.

What Customer Faces


Although there are plenty of applications in tourism industry, no one was giving opportunity for vendors to reach out their targeted customer visiting the locations and communicating with customer directly.


Client was having the Idea of the business but not detailed documented plan at the same time he was also concern to keep the business idea confidential.


As it was to connect variety of vendors from tourism industry e.g. hoteliers, tour operators, tourist guide, taxi services etc. it was a challenge to create interface for the vendors so that they can showcase their offering in app and all the data could be kept on server.


As client wanted to have chat feature between vendors and travellers that too only with full control of travellers of chat room to avoid any unsolicited message from vendors, at top of it the major challenge was to develop custom chat module rather than using some third party tool just to avoid recurring cost and putting data on third party location.


In order to maintain the credibility of the platform, client was concerned to protect it from manufactured review of the vendors by travellers.

What We Did?


Keeping business model in mind, we suggested an extensive module for vendor in this application where they can reach out their target customers based on their locations. Vendors are getting auto notifications for the travellers roaming in their city.


We segregated the vendors in several types and created their listing form accordingly, it is populating for the vendors based on their selection as service provider, it does allow for them to add some custom fields and remove if something is not applicable to them.


In order to make smooth experience of chat features between travellers and vendors, we have developed custom chat module within the XMPP framework, it helped us to use same code base in native application of Android and iOS, it does saved recurring cost of client and mitigated the challenge of keeping all the data in client server and his control.


In order to avoid, manufactured review by the vendors, we have implemented verification module by admin before making any review live.


  • done

    Client has launched a unique apps for travellers and vendors in tourism industry, it helps travellers to write about experiences, rate vendors and giving update to the near dear ones for the travellers while their trip, they can also share the same info on their other social media channels such as instagram, facebook, etc.

  • done

    ATravellers can connect with local vendors while their trip and get to know about the services, ratings, and rate card even if they are at a new location and not aware with anything about the place.

  • done

    Vendors can connect send notification to the travellers in their local area and generate sales for the their business, it hugely help them to save their promotion cost and reaching to the targeted customer in real time.

  • done

    Based on the performance of the application only it has achieved more than 50000 downloads in span of 6 months of its launch.

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