Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Software products build for success with quality assurance testing services. We undertake QA testing services and software testing services as an integral part of every software project.


Develop and launch solutions that secure your lead in the increasingly complex enterprise landscape.

From functional testing, test automation, compatibility testing, performance engineering & security testing, our end-to-end quality assurance testing services promise unrivalled software performance at all times.

With our QA Testing and Software Testing services, we help you meet your clients’ demands and expectations most fully, build trust with your customers and beat the competition in the long run, save costs by detecting and fixing issues and flaws early on and set and maintain high quality standards.

We understand how quality can go a long way in building the reputation and reliability for any business. Investment in quality is no more an option today, it is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

We, at TriazineSoftware, take utmost care in ensuring that your products and services are up to the mark. With more than five years of experience in QA testing and software testing,we have helped many organizations bring perfect products and services to market. Our experts follow industry standards and leverage latest technologies and tools to test your products and services before its launch.

Our QA Testing and Software Testing Services

For us, it’s your success that matters the most and we do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that your products and services success in the market. We offer a range of QA services from Planning, Testing to Documentation.

Strategic Planning

The first and foremost step in every process is planning. Planning covers the process of outlining the objective behind taking up a process and the expected outcome.

It outlines all the steps or phases which are required to be taken in order to achieve the results and acts as a guide throughout the process.

We understand that quality goals and plans should be integrated with overall strategic plans of the organization and we work closely with our customers to achieve that.

Performance Testing

Apart from developing a top-notch application, the most important factor that helps an application stand out is its performance over time. No one likes glitches. Neither you nor your customers.

How your application performs under stress is something that can make or break it and so it is important to do time-to-time periodic health check-up or Performance Testing of your application.

Our performance testing QA experts are well – versed with industry standard Performance Testing methodologies. Once we have you on-board, we will ensure your application meets all the standards in terms of scalability, stability, and performance.

Automated Mobile App Testing

Mobiles today have outplaced Laptops, camera, music system, alarm clock and what not and so it’s vital that the handheld devices perform all these functions as quickly as possible.

Automated Mobile App Testing is the best way to ensure the product meets all expectations. Our Testing strategy ensures that all the quality and performance guidelines are met. We analyze the market and choose devices that are widely used. We also make use of the Emulators for quick and efficient testing of the app.

Website Testing

In today’s interconnected world, internet has become an integral part of our lives, making it mandatory for all businesses to have a website. And just having a website is not enough...

it has to be informative, accessible and user friendly. To achieve all this, it is very important to check any website completely before it goes live for end users. Website Testing ensures that all the functionalities are working properly and can be used by end users.

We understand that UI and functionality plays an important role in making any website a success and so we kay special emphasis on these 2 aspects. We have the experience and knowledge to do all kinds of website testing from Simple Static, Dynamic Web Application, E-Commerce Website to Mobile Website Testing.

QA Documentation

Testing a software solution is not an easy task and there is no way out of it. But, there is always a way to make it easier by creating proper QA documentation. The documentation saves a ton...

of time by streamlining the testing processes and acts as a ready reference in case something goes wrong.

The only commonality among all the types of testing is that each requires QA documentation. The quality of documents defines your success in the long term to a great extent. Our team of experts take utmost care to document each and every aspect of the process from - outlining the bigger picture of the QA process, to-do list, strategy, resources, and schedule and what not. With our QA documentation, you need not to worry about anything going wrong!

Security Testing

The ease and comfort of online payments and transactions has made it widely popular and has increased the need of security exponentially. Web application demands, even more, security...

on two aspects - first is the protection of data and the second one is access to that data. Security Testing does that by uncovering the vulnerabilities of the system and ensuring that its data and resources are protected from all possible intrusions.

Our security testing team helps you to think from every aspect and identify all points of vulnerability to ensure that your business is safeguarded at all times. We proactively review all source codes to identify if there are any security loopholes and suggest remedies to fix it without interrupting the run-time. From mobile applications, source code analysis, performance testing, middleware of applications to network and platforms, we can help you with every kind of security testing to save your from making it to the headlines for the wrong reasons!

Functional Testing

Once the app/website is ready, it is vital to check if it fulfills the requirements of the stakeholders. Functional Testing ensures that the system does what users are expecting it to do and verifies that the system is fixed for release.

For us, at Triazine, User Experience is very important and our team of experts places special emphasis on testing each action the program/app takes. We develop test case scenarios and test every function of the application, identify integration points between items, find out the weak points, and verify the output against Functional requirements. We undertake all types of functional testing depending on the requirements and expectations of your company, from Unit, Integration, Smoke, UA, Interface, Usability, to Regression Testing.

API Testing

API testing tests application programming interfaces, either directly or as part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Our team of testers are experts in writing codes that send a specific call to the API. They then record the output and log the expected and actual results along with log timings and other relevant metrics. We also have the right tools to capture any bugs along with line of test code that was running when an API error occurred.

Expert QA Consultation

With business growth comes the need for more documentation, increased focus on quality, adoption of new processes and technologies and so on.
Our QA consulting services helps you determine deficiencies/obstacles and plan a workable solution, which could accelerate your growth further and not hinder it. From suggesting best practices to improve existing processes, documentation, re-organization to helping adopt to new practices, we can do it all to ensure your organization’s growth.

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We offer the most innovative, affordable, top of the line services, leveraging Industry best practices, to help you be at the top of your game at all times! We believe in creating relationships with our customers and nurturing it through years and not just business contracts. We not only built your app, but we ensure that it is power packed with all the necessary features that you want to have in it. You name it, we do it.

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We have been developing apps ever since its inception. We have seen the industry to grow and our experts know exactly how to create an app for your business which is highly engaging and interactive

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Ethics are at the core of our business and we take utmost care in maintaining confidentiality of client’s information. So, you can be rest assured that your information will be safe with us

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understand that a penny saved is a penny earned. We respect your time and money and do our best to provide you the most effective solution for your business

QA Technology Stack

Triazine QA specialists use the following software testing tools and technologies.