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We help you create engaging and goal-driven education and eLearning apps for colleges, schools, universities and enterprises


At Triazine, we know the challenges clouding the online education realm, which is why our software development competence can help you take the lead in the very opportunistic e-learning market.

Develop custom learning experiences with eLearning development services

We build e-learning portals, schools, colleges, educational institutes, management institutes, and other service providers. From customization to implementing innovative features that assist a learner, our certified education and eLearning experts can do it all. Our custom eLearning software development services create solutions, personalised by design and functionality, to assure cost efficiency, boost user retention and satisfaction. Our tailored education and eLearning development services cater to needs across schools, universities, K-2, professional education and corporate training.


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The education and eLearning segments we serve

We provide strategic guidance for the following education and learning institutions

Custom Application Development



Our eLearning software development services assist K-12 institutions in harnessing the potential of technology-enhanced learning and implement modern learning practices. Our experts certified across a range of tech stacks provide comprehensive educational software solutions that streamline workflow automation, simplify student performance management, and enhance knowledge delivery.

College & Universities

College & Universities

As a leading eLearning software development solution provider, we can help you develop custom products from scratch, implement all the learning modules you want, and allow easy authoring and uploading of content. Our personalised eLearning solutions help you garner student interests, optimise learning schedules, and gain actionable insights about a student’s academic performance.

Corporate & Non-Profits

Corporate & Non-Profits

We help you transform professional learning experiences into a seamless and engaging one with our detail-driven learning management software services. We deep dive into your learning program specifics and tailor our eLearning solutions to support your corporate training programs with the right technology and deliver superior learning experiences to every team member.

EdTech and eLearning Companies

EdTech and eLearning Companies

If you’re already leveraging an EdTech platform, we can help enrich your eLearning software with AI-centric analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, and augmented analytics amongst a few. Our eLearning managed services dedicate certified experts to your business case to deliver stellar functionality and user experiences and boost learner retention.

Our custom education and eLearning development services

The transformation journeys We've developed

We're known for our client-centric approach and our innovative ideas that have led us to build us a highly valued clientele worldwide.

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As one of the top-rated mobile application companies in the USA and India, our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective services give access to expert engineering teams, build innovative apps utilizing the latest tech stacks, and implement the validated application development practices.

Healthcare IT solutions

Healthcare IT solutions

Our experts have helped countless healthcare organizations with quality-driven healthcare IT services.


If you are looking to implement any of the above Solutions or Industry Specific Solutions, we are happy to help you!