Plays an Important Role in App Development

How many times have you opened an app and thought the button was misplayed, the design team could have chosen better colours, or the graphics are not optimised for your screen size? And what does that lead to? You abandon the app and switch over to a competitor because they offer a much better customer experience than the former. 

Consider it this way: despite millions of apps on Play Store and App Store, you don't install all of them, and even if you do install a mobile app, you end up deleting it if it's not what you were looking for. Every time a user faces an issue with app design, the outcome is app un-installation. The moral of the story; a great UI/UX attracts, engages, converts, and retains a user to your app. There was a time when mobile apps were known for their services, but today, they are more about the user interface and experience they offer. In fact, good UI/UX design can raise your conversion rates by 200%. 

This article discusses the apparent need for UI/UX development company in India during the mobile app development process and how that investment pays off. 

What is UI/UX design?

Although many people would consider these two terms the same, there is a stark difference between the two. 

UI or user interface of a mobile app determines its look and feel. UI decides the visual appearance of the application, the placement of graphics, texts, and buttons, its navigation, and so on. A UI designer primarily focuses on the end-users needs when developing a mobile application's UI. 

On the contrary, UX or user experience defines users' impressions of the UI and the interactions they forge with it. UX plays an instrumental role in deciphering customer engagement, trust, and satisfaction. Factors like usability, credibility, and accessibility impact the UX of a mobile app. The more user-friendly, functional, and effective your mobile app design is, the better its UX. 

Combined, it results in the most successful mobile application similar to Netflix, Uber, and so on. 

What are the deliverables of UI/UX design development?

A UI/UX designer has to take note of several phases during the development process. The aim is to present the mobile app idea correctly to the clients and further assist mobile application developers. Although both UI and UX are separate deliverables, let's understand the role of UI/UX design in the mobile app design and development process. 

The UI deliverables include:

  • Mood boards: These are used to present innovative ideas for everyone to understand and comprehend. Clients understand the app idea via mood boards. 

  • Visual Design: These talk about the different elements of design that will be incorporated into the mobile application, like photographs, text, space, colors, layouts, images, typography, and so on. 

  • Dynamic prototyping: Prototypes talk about the overall functionality of the mobile app, its navigation, and how the entire architecture would move, click-by-click. With feedback in dynamic prototypes, UI can be customized for business objectives and goals. 

The UX deliverables include:

  • Competition analysis: The first step before commencing mobile app development is to measure the competitiveness of the app. This involves researching competitors' apps, preparing an analysis report, and determining the weak and strong points of the to-be-developed mobile app. 

  • User personas: Creating user personas helps understand customer behaviour and allows developers to customize solutions based on the target audience, their needs, and patterns. 

  • Interactive prototypes: A leading UI/UX development company in India always prepare prototypes to demonstrate how the product will function once it has fully developed. It also helps the designer communicate their mobile app development ideas better. 

  • Experience maps: Experience maps showcases the overall user behaviour towards a product in regard to their product expectations, time spent on the app, their thoughts, etc. 

  • User journeys and flows: These are specific steps that users take to interact with the products at different stages. These include both current and potential interactions. 

Importance of UI/UX design in mobile app development 

Most UI/UX development companies in India focus only on excellent mobile app performance but fail to focus on other attributes like usability and functionality. And that eventually leads to the downfall of the app. To understand the role of UI/UX design and development in the process, let's go through the pointers below:

#1: Attract new users 

As said before, a good Ui/UX design grabs a user's attention, holds it, converts it into a purchase, and then retains them for future needs. If a user can understand the design and app navigation and enjoy the experience, they will surely stick around for the long term. However, if your design is poor or mediocre, customers will quickly abandon the app because they know several other brands in the market are vying for their attention. 

#2: Create a lasting impression on users

As a customer, when you like the UI/UX design of an app, don't you stick to it and keep on engaging in massive purchases? In fact, you even recommend the same to your friends and family, rewarding the brand with your trust and loyalty. That is the power of a good UI/UX development company in India; they keep your users coming back again. With superior performance and seamless usability, you can create a lasting impression on your customers with impeccable designs. 

#3: Get featured in Play Store and App Store

Whether or not a mobile app is successful is determined by its number of downloads. Other characteristics like ratings and reviews are another way of bringing your app to the top of the charts and getting more traction. To get featured in Play Store and App Store, you must engage users in an impressive UI/UX design and development experience. 

#4: Onboard more loyal customers

Apps that offer a compelling UI/UX experience automatically have more users. Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Myntra, and Instagram have millions of users only because of their design and functionality. The satisfaction that comes from excellent user experience makes users feel that they received the worth of their money, boosting loyalty. World of mouth is another reason why a good UI/UX design is imperative. 

#5: Boosts traffic 

A good UI/UX retains users and improves customer acquisition. If your website or mobile application offers effortless design and navigation, it increases traffic and transforms users into valuable customers. Therefore, your UI/UX designer and developer have an enormous role in determining the success of the mobile app. If you master the UI/UX development process, nothing can stop your solution from achieving massive recognition. 

#6: Save time and energy in the long run 

When you focus on impeccable UI/UX design and development from day 1, you don't have to spend in the future on maintenance and updates. Although consistent mobile app evolution is the goal, you will face fewer challenges post the launch of the solution. 

Things to consider when designing UI/UX-driven mobile applications 

The following are the main components of the mobile app UI/UX design and development process:

#1: The usability of the app

These mobile app design principles determine if the users receive the information they desire from the application and if they enjoy that experience. The usability of a mobile application evaluates how successful it will be in the market and if it can easily connect with its target audience and fulfil their desires. 

#2: Wireframe designing 

When designing the user interface of a mobile application, it is imperative to test its features, usability, functionality, look, and feel before it goes live on the market. Wire frames give an idea to the client regarding the app's final creation and navigation. 

#3: Visual design 

Defining the visual appeal of the mobile application decides how it will look in a user's eye. You need to choose the best colors, images, fonts, icons, videos, etc. and merge them together for compelling visual imagery. The impact should be such that it engages users in effortless interaction across touch points and channels. 

#4: Information architecture 

This deciphers the navigation of the mobile application regardless of the browser they use. Information architecture ensures a top-level navigation experience that is seamless, consistent, and engaging enough for users to browse through.

Partnering with a reliable mobile app UI/UX development company in India.

As a leading UI/UX development company adept with the end-to-end mobile app development process, we follow all the ongoing UI/UX trends to offer nothing short of an efficient user experience. Our team of mobile app developers directly contributes to your conversion numbers, saves time and cost otherwise spent on mobile application maintenance and support, and converts more users to evangelists. Partner with the Triazine mobile app development experts, and we'll brief you on our process and methodology. 

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