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Development: Freelancer or a Software Development Company

So, you’ve decided to build software, and now you’re faced with the debatable and inevitable question: software development company VS Freelance Developers. 

For any new project., deciding between freelancers and a software development firm is always a critical question, reciprocating to the success or failure of the product. And it’s not only cost evaluations but other vital considerations that play an instrumental role. 

Sure, there are pros and cons to both, but in most cases, working with the software development company is more reasonable than freelance developers. 

Not sure why?

This article explains both the prospects and how a custom software development company takes an edge over freelancers. 

Software Development Company VS Freelancers: Evaluating the Real Benefits 

freelancer or software development company

Have a business idea and need a competent developer to bring it to reality?

With so many software development companies and freelancers feigning and promising to carry out your plans, entrusting your intentions with a freelancer or a software development firm is always a confusing question. 

Suppose to save money., you hire a freelancer. But will it be a prudent resource in the long run? Can you reap real benefits from a freelancer you might or might not agree with your deadlines and timelines? Or should you go with a custom software development firm offering similar services but at a higher rate? 

A tricky one, indeed! 

Let’s simplify it for you. 

Your decision will entirely depend on the project you’re dealing with or trying to build. 

What level of competence do you need?

What experience do you need in the domain?

Do you have questions that need answers?

What programming expertise do you need?

How long will the project last?

Will you need the developer post the project completion?

And many more! 

Once you have a detailed insight into the project requirements, you’ll know whether to choose freelance developers or a custom software development company

Freelance VS Software Development Firm: Discussing the Former Option  

how freelancer work

Freelancers work in three different ways: contract, freelance, or full-time. Moreover, they accomplish all their work remotely. 

It also means you’ll have to provide all the confidential information to a person working virtually. 

And they might work on several different projects simultaneously. But there is no way to know if they prioritize your project. Multiple project collaborations might work in favour of the freelancers, but it does affect your project timeline, quality of work, and they might even cancel it if they find it less profitable than the others. 

Advantages of hiring freelancers

It makes sense to review the advantages of hiring freelance developers over software development companies. It details cost-efficiency, flexibility, speed, etc. 

Reduced costs:

Probably one of the biggest reasons why any company would invest in freelancers: reduced investment. They ask for less money for their services than their counterparts. 

So many to choose from:

The freelancer market booms mainly because freelancers like making some side money. Then there are high-end freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Hubstaff Talent, etc. You’re overwhelmed with several options, which makes finding the right candidate challenging. Although it also means, if you don’t get someone to agree on your rate, you can always move on and consider another person. 

More so, if a freelance developer delays their services, shows incomprehension, or an unprofessional ground., you can always cancel their contract. In some cases, you can even ask for a refund. 

They are the EXPERTS:

Why in capitals, you ask?

To show emphasis, or rather their importance. Freelance developers are often former employees of a famous software development company backed by reliable experience. These folks are quite knowledgeable in their domain and have the skills that make them the master of software development.

Flexibility is not a given:

Have an issue that needs urgent resolution?

Or, want a developer to fix a bug outside of working hours?

You might not get your in-house employees to do it, but you can certainly get it done by a freelancer. They’re available back and forth at your call any time during the day, including the odd hours. 

Disadvantages of hiring freelance developers 

Quite possibly, the above advantages might have given you the feeling: Freelancers are the best! 

But wait before you come to that conclusion. 

Just like two sides of a coin, choosing a freelancer over a custom software development company has its cons. 

Might disappear:

Is your freelancer not picking up your calls or replying to your emails?

Did you hand over all your private information to the wrong person?

Goosebumps, right!

While not every freelancer does it, but some do! That’s your bad luck that you encountered one amongst the bunch. 

Keep a Plan B always handy, just in case. Conversely, keep some options open as a reserve. 

Quality of work:

Not all hired freelancers have the same working demeanor and reputation. Some professionals don’t invest time in software coding and pass on the project to someone else. It creates a nuisance for you, making it tedious to find one person capable enough for the job. More so, reputation degradation doesn’t matter to freelancers since there is always an option to create a new account or work anonymously. 

Sharing confidential information with a stranger:

Unless you ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement, freelancers are always a risk to your privacy and security. Therefore, it is intelligent to sign contracts before allotting them your confidential KTs. Don’t make your business vulnerable to data leakage, conspiracy, or private information stealing. 

Sans Maintenance and Support:

Once the software developer codes the project., they do not indulge in in-app or website maintenance or support. Since such freelancers do not provide post-development services, you might have to find another developer to fix bugs and offer support occasionally. 

So, what do you do then?

Start the entire process from scratch, hire a software development company and do it all again. 

Missing deadlines:

Sometimes, freelancers do not have the necessary organizational skills required. They might ask for additional time and miss deadlines or misunderstand the central idea of the project. It weakens the foundation of your software project, leading to unworthy product development. Moreover, since they have several clients to please, they might not even heed your concerns. 

Freelance VS Custom Software Development Company: Is the Latter a better option?

custom software development company

A custom software development company has everything you’re looking for: qualified professionals, 24*7 maintenance and support, assured results, necessary experience, and expertise. 

But wait!

What are your concerns? 

Their hiring cost!

For companies looking for similar services, a software development firm ensures security, privacy, and trustworthiness. Their team encompasses professionals belonging to several domains: developers for mobiles/websites, product testers, product managers, content makers, designers, analysts, etc.

The Advantages of hiring a software development firm

Building a new software requires coding, experienced professionals, and several other characteristics. That is why you must consider a custom software development firm, and if you’re still not sure, then the following benefits will win you over. 

The product development stage consists of monitoring, analysis, and customization. 

Expertise. Experience. Efficiency:

A software development company not only has the knack for coding exceptionally reliable software solutions but is proficient in handling varied project requirements. From simple websites to web apps and products for large corporations, they can do it all. Moreover, since the developers hired by the company have a versatile coding background., there are fewer to no errors. Also, they acquire an entire team of developers, designers, managers, QAs, etc., to bring a futuristic product to reality. They can work on your product, advise improvements, solve bottlenecks, and find appropriate paths. 

All-in-one package:

A software development company not only develops your product but offers a whole cycle of services like consulting, bug fixing, maintenance, and marketing strategies. For startups or budding entrepreneurs who don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to ace every step of the app development process., it is a blessing.

Strict on deadlines:

Professionalism: it differentiates the approach of a company from the other. Throughout the development process, you receive updates and progress reports. Furthermore, you can even monitor the work done, connect with the project manager in case of any discrepancy, ask for necessary refinements, receive a product that caters to your demands. 

Since these companies care too much about their reputation, they ensure responsibility while meeting deadlines. Such companies bring stability to your IT infrastructure.

Reputation management and customer care support:

For an aspiring software development firm, there is nothing more important than their reputation. They take care of their clients because they prize their relationship with them. In the process, they earn a lot of positive feedbacks, and their reputation grows. And that is how their customer base expands. 

Happy customers will get you more clients. And unhappy ones will make you lose prospective ones. 

So qualified companies make it a point to forge long-term bonds with their clients to upsell their sales. Therefore, they offer maintenance and support services for new/existing products, fix issues, modify functionality, and more. 

The Disadvantages of hiring a Software Development Company

Hiring a software development firm is associated with some challenges too. 

So, let’s review the cons associated with hiring a software development company against a freelancer.

High priced:

While a software development firm might ask for higher rates than a freelance developer, they offer brilliant results. It is one reason why companies incline towards freelancers than any software development consulting firm.  

While deciding who to pick, you must decipher the quality of a software product into consideration. You should never accept a bid only because it includes lower rates. Look for the best cost and quality ratio, and then go for the project you want. 

Communication issues:

Sometimes, when you hire a software development company, communication issues might happen. The outsourced company might belong to another country, different time zones, language barriers, geographical restrictions, and several others. The only way you can get out of such situations is by putting an experienced Business Analyst or Project Manager in both locations to ensure smooth execution. 

Often, you would like to know the exact staff working on the project:

With a freelancer, you know the person working on the project. 

However, the reciprocation might be entirely different in the case of a custom software development company. When you hire a development team, you don’t know who exactly is working on the app. Top software development companies set up a kick-off meeting to introduce all the team members employed on the project, but not all practice such propositions. 

Such collaborations are easier said than done:

Managing two different teams, making them comply with each other, and ensure a smooth project running is not that simple. Your IT department must accommodate their needs and demands. Besides, they should work through complexities and ensure a fruitful collaboration. And then, several technical glitches might hamper project delivery. Such conditionalities does affect the viability of your partnership. 

Freelance VS Software Development Company: Which one to choose?

choose a freelancer or a software development company

There is no right answer to this question. 

Whether you choose a freelancer or a software development company., it depends on your requirements and the project. True that freelance development fits today’s modern and dynamic market, but concerns like uncertain workflows and questionable freedom prevail. Both outsourcing have their importance, and the one you choose should better your company’s operations.  

Consider their varied experience and state-of-the-art solutions. Study the market a little bit and find a company/freelancer that can adapt and scale as per your growing requirements. 

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