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What is utility mobile application development and why it matters?

At this point, mobile applications have become an inalienable part of our lives, which can be understood from the fact that the marketplace is crowded with all types of applications. Even so, enterprises that never would've needed a mobile application in the first place are getting in the race only because it is the best way to stay ahead of the tech curve while facilitating a fruitful connection with the customers in the simplest way.

Among the variety of mobile apps available in the market, one type gaining tremendous recognition from customers is the utility mobile apps. Utility mobile application development has proved to be a successful business model for internal and external stakeholders in the organization.

But before we dive deeper into utility apps and the benefits of a utility mobile application, let's explore a few things. 

Why does utility mobile application matters?

Utility companies like gas, water, electricity, etc., are fast evolving, and so are their customers. Therefore, to exceed the rising expectations, utility companies are striving to maximize the ease and effectiveness of their operations for customers across every touchpoint. And this is where utility mobile application development comes into play.

Utility apps address the functional needs of a user by allowing them to complete routine tasks over their smartphones, which otherwise would have required physical labor. From paying bills to uploading meter readings or updating the work status of an agent in the field, utility apps do it all. However, utility apps' functionality and operational model depend on the service rendered and the target audience.

Such utility apps are targeted towards:

Employees/Agents: Utility apps are critical to deciphering the productivity of on-field employees and agents and allow them to touch base with the various processes in an organization with just a few clicks. Utility mobile application development saves valuable person-hours and money lost due to the lack of viable communication. These apps can be employed by customer support, on-field automation staff, human resources, finance, or other departments within an enterprise.

Customers: Modern-day customers want everything on the run. And utility apps help deliver this proposition. The benefits of the utility mobile application lie in its omnichannel presence at several customer engagement points to facilitate appointment booking, bill paying, and query resolution, amongst a few.

Channel Partners and Vendors: To ensure transparency and seamless operation, it is imperative to check and update the enterprise system's supply chain and logistics details. And utility mobile application development can help with this proposition.

Benefits of utility mobile application for businesses

The public utility industry is a competitive one. The only way you can handle the cut-throat race is by investing in solutions that provide customers with convenience and let them innovate as per the market trends and customer insights. It is why utility mobile application development makes so much sense for utility companies. It transforms their business processes, ensures a seamless journey for their customers, and boosts operational efficiency. With digital transformation becoming a vital step for enterprises, utility mobile application development will play an instrumental role in deciphering the digital future of utility companies.

But the benefits of utility mobile applications don't end here. There are several other reasons why a utility app is better than traditional methods of engaging with the customers. Below are few reasons why you must consider utility mobile application development.

Value Addition

One of the benefits of a utility mobile application is its value addition to a business. Utility mobile apps function as a vertical business handling your customers, clients, and partners and leading to a securer and better customer experience. Since mobile apps have become an indispensable part of a customer's life, offering utility services via mobile apps ensures customer satisfaction.

Better Security

Security is one of the primary concerns for businesses, which becomes even more significant in the case of mobile apps. Utility mobile application development.

  • Enforces a stronger authentication to prevent any unauthorized access and password attacks.
  • Encrypts mobile communications to prevents hackers from snooping around over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
  • Utility mobile application development that focuses on the vulnerabilities of their applications and works towards patching them protects users from attacks.
  • Protects a user's sensitive information like name, address, contact number, bank details, transactional information, etc., from being accessed by unauthorized personnel.
  • Plan regular scanning of mobile solutions on the server for malware to detect any such unscrupulous behavior. 
  • It prevents data leaks while still allowing users to install the app on their mobile phones.
  • Provide a secure and controlled platform.
  • Optimizes data caching to enhance a customer's overall experience while making it difficult for the attackers to breach or decrypt data.

Effective operations with Increased digital capabilities and automation

Utility mobile application development can automate several mundane tasks to improve process efficiency, saving resources to travel to the location to get things done physically. Moreover, employees can implement the processes simultaneously to ensure industry best practices. Such solutions allow customers to simplify their daily interactions and save valuable time while keeping in mind during renewed purchases.

Streamlined business processes

Utility apps play an imperative role in reengineering the business process model. Utility mobile application development optimizes and streamlines processes, leading to better productivity and efficiency. For example, the case of process optimization for the human resource department would automate CRM workflows.

Optimized Operating Cost

Utility mobile application development saves a lot of money that otherwise would have been spent on sending personnel on-field for maintenance and support services. Moreover, it allows users to remotely access services like bill payments, query resolution, etc., therefore, eliminating the need to physically travel to a utility company's office for such solutions. Overall, utility mobile application development benefits lie in optimizing the operational costs for companies, customers, and vendors alike.

Improved Services & Customer Experience

The user experience journey with utility mobile application development is customized and personalized. It means their entire journey can be tailored to serve specific use requirements. Utility companies gather important insights by analyzing customer data to create a user experience that elevates satisfaction and loyalty. Reports suggest that personalization boosts customer experience by as much as 55%. Mobile apps are a perfect way to personalize by including details like billing and usage details, balances, and the ease to contact with service providers within the app.

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Revenue Management

By default, improved customer experience within a mobile app increases utility companies' revenue by almost 5-10% within 2-3 years. Statistics reveal that 88% of utility customers are willing to spend more for better customer experiences. Moreover, they are twice as likely to stay with the existing utility service provider when they are satisfied. When customers use mobile apps to complete transactions, they already have their billing information registered, leading to one-click payments. Moreover, mobile apps also allow for auto payments within the app. The bottom line is that investing in an app's user experience works for the benefit of utility companies.

Transform Your Business for A Digital Future

Undoubtedly, digital transformation is a must for businesses if they wish to stay in the race towards a digitally empowered future. Mobile apps are a crucial enabler in this, reinventing the traditional operational model, improving business interactions with the customers, and understanding the behavior patterns by analyzing the customer data and deriving meaningful insights. And utility mobile application development is one way you can pace the digital transformation for your business. With cloud computing and data analytics, utility mobile application development can help reimagine your digital transformation landscape.

Features that make a great utility mobile app

For utility companies in the market, undoubtedly, mobile apps have become the focal point of interactions between companies and customers. Moreover, it has also enabled customers to self-manage their profiles and the services required. However, some critical customer care and account management features can place a utility app ahead of its competitors. These include:

Easy view and management of account

The features included in account management will enable customers to view their entire profile and the combination of services they are using. For example, in a meter reading app, customers should be allowed to upload their readings, order new services, or scale up and down as per demand. Moreover, customers should be able to upload their personal information, change details, or choose a preferred method of communication. Such accessible account management features would help several utility companies to gain a 360-degree of their customers and save precious person-hours that would have been spent otherwise.

Status check for outage or leaks

As per reports, mobile self-service interactions have better reception when customers demand relevant and accurate information. This kind of self-service could relate to status checks for outages or leaks, frequently asked questions to expand the knowledge base, and allow customers to raise reports regarding service disruption. 24/7 customer support is always an added advantage to a mobile app user. In the utility market, prompt and efficient customer care sets the benchmark for users.

Payment records and options

Usually, customers were asked to visit a company's local office, submit their paperwork, and pay bills. Not only was this process quite time-consuming and tedious, and drew customer frustration as well. It is why utility companies must offer in-app payment options where customers can view their past payment records, raise issues regarding a bill, and analyze their monthly payments. Moreover, integrate these utility apps with popular mobile payment service providers popular in the region. Such features will be a crucial differentiator for early movers.

Control over services accessed

A mobile app allows customers to experience utility services on the go. It means customers can add, delete, or request new services from the app without physically visiting the utility office. It lessens the hassle a customer can face while requesting your services and simplifies the process. All in all, it allows customers to establish higher control over the services they use and makes them easily accessible.

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Utility mobile application development requires a proactive approach. From gathering requirements, consulting, and implementation to customization, integration, and maintenance and support, only an experienced mobile app development company can handle the pressures and expectations from a utility mobile app.

At Triazine, we've designed, and developed utility mobile apps for renowned utility companies like Indraprastha Gas Limited and are offering continuous maintenance services to embark on innovation as per market trends and customer behavior insights. Our certified experts carefully analyze your goals with a utility app, research your competitors, identify your customer base, and then develop a scalable development roadmap for the same. Book a free call with our experts and understand more about our utility mobile application development process.

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