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11 Android App Development Trends for 2023-2024

Let’s start with a basic question first. How many apps do you have on your phone? Aren’t you intrigued by the new features and applications that keep bombarding you with aesthetically pleasing information that makes you download it? As per reports, an average user has more than 40 apps on their phone. Now the frequency of the usage might differ, but the fact is that the mobile app development industry is in a constant state of boom. And Statista suggests that the revenue of mobile apps worldwide will reach 613 billion U.S. Dollars by 2025.

As promising as this number is, you’ll be surprised to know that there are over 6.63 million apps on the Google Play Store and App Store combined. And now comes the difficult question. How would you make your app stand out amongst the tough competition?

The truth is you can’t unless to stay current with all the latest Android app development services trends and know how to leverage those to launch scalable features at breakneck speed. That said, to survive and thrive in this era, you need to stay abreast with ever-evolving mobile app development trends.

What are the top Android app development trends in 2023-2024?

There is a major transformation taking place in the android app development race with several trends said to result in assured success. Only problem is, you need to take notice of those trends, leverage them, and track metrics to assess change in ROI.

Here we discuss the top 10 android mobile app development trends that require your steadfast attention.

Trend #1: The rise of 5G technology

Although the talks around 5G technology has been circulating for quite some time, for in 2023-2024 it will become more than a buzzword. With more and more network operators launching their 5G networks, technology companies have already started implementing 5G at full-scale. There are 5G-enabled devices in the market already and it is expected that 47.%% of smartphones will have 5G connection by the end of 2024.

This means there will be a significant change in the way mobile app development proceeded till now. Speed and efficiency will become a major focus, which, by translation means that you need to be ready to develop faster and smoother apps. The following are some aspects you can expect from the 5G technology.

  • 5G will reduce latency to 1 millisecond
  • Video streaming apps will see a significant rise due to higher resolution, less latency and faster performance
  • 5G will welcome more AR and VR functionalities as integrating these technologies will now become much easier
  • Data transfer will be higher and faster.
  • Mobile payments will be much faster and more secure with higher procession for biometric data identification.

Trend #2: Rise of apps for foldable devices

Foldable apps have completely revolutionised the smartphone market and the trend will continue in the coming years. So, its highly recommended that a leading android app development company keep foldable devices in mind when laying the mobile app development strategy.

Ensuring smooth operation across all foldable devices presents a significant challenge. As the smartphone unfolds, the screen size increases, offering a more immersive experience. This larger canvas enables multitasking, and the potential of multiple windows is a clear advantage. For video streaming and gaming apps, the expansive display offers enhanced information and controls. Thus, staying mindful of this trend is crucial when embarking on your Android app development journey.

Trend #3: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

It is no wonder that the success of Pokemon Go has paved way for AR and VR in the android app development. From gaming to eCommerce, AR and VR is known for offering immersive real-time experiences to the users. For example, Ikea uses AR to let users see how their furniture will look in their houses before buying it. L’Oreal employs a virtual makeup app that allows users to see how their makeup looks on them. Lenskart lets users view the glasses before buying them.

In fact, Apple, Google, and Meta are also bringing innovations in AR and VR with Live View in Google Maps, LiDAR makes capturing superior quality photos a reality. This and other innovations in the field of AR and VR bring about several possibilities to leverage Augmented and Virtual reality to deliver outstanding experiences to users on their smartphones.

Trend #4: Wearable Apps

As per Statista, connected wearable devices peaked at 929 million in 2022. With Apple announcing its WatchOS 8 update and Google announcing a unified wearable platform, wearable technology is an imperative investment for android app development companies. It is why mobile app developers must take into consideration wearable app technology when investing android app development to offer a seamless digital experience.

Trend #5: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The past year witnessed a series of remarkable advancements in the field of AI. Google, for instance, introduced AI-driven enhancements to its Maps application, revolutionizing the user experience. A standout feature, Live View, utilizes AR to offer users indoor navigation. Additionally, Google's AI optimizes directions for lower fuel consumption, suggesting eco-friendly routes.

The realm of Machine Learning (ML) continues to excite, especially when combined with deep learning. This powerful duo has the potential to reshape mobile app development by providing real-time analytics and valuable insights. Apple stands out as an influential player in ML, offering intelligent models that empower developers to craft immersive experiences. It's not just about enhancing existing features; with ML APIs, you can even create new ones.

While AI and ML have been key trends in mobile app development for years, these groundbreaking strides have set a high standard for 2023 and 2024. Therefore, android app development services companies must keep AI and ML into keen sight to elevate their mobile app experiences.

Trend #6: Beacon Technology

Ever wondered how apps know where you are and customize your experience accordingly? This magic is made possible by beacon technology. Beacons, these tiny Bluetooth devices, send signals to your phone when you're close by. This opens doors to location-based services and interactions.

Beacons can be your marketing allies. They detect potential customers near your store, enabling tailored marketing campaigns and attracting more clients. Imagine entering a parking lot, and instantly receiving notifications about discounts or personalized offers. This ups the chances of visiting the store and making a purchase. Unlike traditional methods, beacon-powered contactless marketing boosts personalization and sales potential.

Retailers also track user behavior and map their store journeys. Details like where they go and what products they buy at different times help design effective marketing strategies. Therefore, beacon technology forms an important android app development trend for 2023 and 2024.

Trend #7: Mobile wallets and contactless payments

Mobile app development is always changing, and one big trend is how mobile payments are becoming crucial in eCommerce.

The eCommerce world is growing fast, and people love shopping on their phones. That's why safe and easy mobile payment options are in demand. By 2023, around 1.31 billion people worldwide are expected to use mobile payments.

Apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and more are super popular. They let you do financial stuff quickly and from anywhere, boosting mobile shopping. QR codes have gained tremendous popularity too as they're used for contactless payments. Many payment apps use QR codes to facilitate transactions.

In the future, eCommerce apps will keep adding mobile payment features. It's a big trend because businesses know how important it is to give customers easy and safe mobile payment options. As more folks shop and do business on their phones, keeping up with this trend can make a business more convenient, appealing, and competitive.

Trend #8: Cross-platform mobile app development

Android and iOS stand out as the top mobile app operating systems, holding around 67.56% and 31.60% of the market share respectively. With widespread use of these OS, building cross-platform apps for both Android and iOS devices becomes a smart cost-saving move for businesses.

Cross-platform mobile app development refers to coding your app once and deploying it on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. There are several cross-platform app development frameworks such as Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Ionic, and Xamarin are being leveraged by top android app development agencies to ensure versatile and seamless functionality across operating systems. As the apps built using these frameworks do not require separate coding, it saves time and money in the long run.

Cross-platform mobile app development isn't a new concept, but it's gaining momentum due to user preferences. It offers several perks for businesses, such as wider audience reach, shorter development timelines, and cost-effectiveness.

Trend #9: Super Apps

Initially, android app development companies focussed on building one app to solve one purpose. But now, that approach has changed. In the modern era, companies are shifting their methodology from single-purpose apps to one-stop multi-purpose mobile apps, and the term coined for such solutions is super apps. For example, Facebook that once was only a social media platform, now offers a marketplace as well where people can buy and sell products. Moreover, Amazon also allows you to pay bills, expanding its reach from being an eCommerce aggregator platform.

As leading android app development agencies try to nail down how to merge several purposes into one app, this is one trend that you should keep into consideration in 2023-2024.

Trend #10: P2P mobile apps

P2P apps, or peer-to-peer apps, are software applications that facilitate direct communication and transactions between individuals without the need for intermediaries or centralized systems. These apps enable users to interact, share resources, and conduct various activities directly with each other through digital platforms. P2P apps cover a wide range of functions, from file sharing and communication to financial transactions and collaborative activities. Popular examples of P2P apps include file-sharing platforms, messaging apps, cryptocurrency wallets, and ride-sharing services. They leverage technology to create decentralized networks that enable users to connect and exchange information or services seamlessly.

Peer-to-peer apps is another critical mobile app development trend that will transform the ecosystem. eMarketer suggests that P2P mobile exchanges will peak at $615 billion by 2023. It means that there is a tremendous consumption need for such apps, thanks to the comfort and convenience these apps offer.

In 2023 and 2024, by leveraging more efficient and stringent security technologies, a leading android app development company can enhance the safety of their apps and deliver a seamless experience to users for facilitating transactions. Therefore, this trend will only expand in the near future.

Trend #11: Blockchain technology

Although there was a time when blockchain was more about cryptocurrency, it has made considerable progress in the other verticals as well. Reports suggest that the blockchain market will reach $52.5 billion by 2026, which means several leading android app development services agency are leveraging it for its benefits of privacy, speed and transparency.

That said, several industrial verticals, from financial services and payments to healthcare, supply chain management, voting systems, etc. provide use cases for implementing blockchain technology. With its decentralised and secure network, blockchain allows for transparent transactions and data storage. Mobile apps with integrated blockchain technology will deliver enhanced security, streamlined processes, and boost trust amongst users.

Undeniably, blockchain technology in the mobile app development services industry is paving way for a secure and decentralised future, making it a noteworthy trend.

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Apart from the mentioned android app development trends, instant apps, food and grocery delivery apps, mobile commerce, IoT-enabled apps, predictive analytics, mobile learning, gaming and entertainment apps, etc. are some other that will rule the android app development market in 2023- 2024. With the current evolving technological landscape and exceeding user expectations, its imperative that you partner with an android app development company that understands your visions and executes it successfully.

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