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Cloud Migration

The modern enterprise ecosystem demands you to move over your legacy systems, reduce operational costs, and breakdown data silos. As more and more organizations realize the potential of a cloud management, they’re moving towards its end-to-end network.

Our certified experts explore the best strategy to help you achieve a smooth transition to the cloud. We help you navigate the complexities, determine the right strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem. Our deep industry insights and technical knowledge help you execute a seamless cloud migration and modernization process. Our tailored solutions ensure that your movement to the cloud is as secure, cost-effective, agile, and scalable as it can be.

Stay ahead of the competition with end-to-end cloud migration

Triazine’s cloud migration services help you reduce dependence on on-premises system, expenditures, and boost productivity. Our proven methodologies and approaches assist you with a cloud transformation blueprint, customized to suit the needs of your business. Our Center of Excellence (CoE) has assisted several industry leaders and startups to initiate cloud adoption and migration while reducing downtime and improving cloud economics at scale. We first analyze your requirements to gain deep insights of your company’s objective and goals and then build an iterative roadmap to migrate your workloads, assets, and services.

Whether your application runs on on-premises and cloud, you need to consistently solve bottlenecks, check for breaches and unauthorized access, and ensure that your workforce follows your cloud governance model. We are here to assist you throughout your cloud journey. Our experienced cloud consultants will help you reduce operational costs, boost innovation, and help you achieve your strategic business goals.

done Assessing your workloads to explore the right cloud network
done Following the lift and shift approach to move your physical or virtual servers to the cloud without any major changes
done Replatforming your applications to the cloud post optimization like changing the self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.
done Deploy Repurchasing to access the cloud network via an existing licensing model.
done Remodifying the applications as per the SaaS and PaaS based trends to reduce business costs.
done Retaining a few on-premises solutions to ensure cost-effective cloud migration.
done Removing unused workloads and applications to save cost expenditures.

Our 5-step process for cost-effective and smooth cloud migration

Our technical acumen and impeccable capabilities with cloud migration will help you move infrastructure, platform, database, application, and workloads. As a part of our cloud infrastructure migration model, we employ our deep expertise with leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, VMWare, IBM, Azure, and SAP to provide you a seamless migration experience. Our 5-step migration plan includes:

1 Planned Strategy

We first identify the adaptability of your organization’s assets and workloads for the cloud and how well it can fit into it. We plan a strategy around cloud migration to fulfill your business objectives, ensure cost-effective movement, and prevent data loss or security breach.

2 Infra Audit

Our team assesses the capabilities of your existing infrastructure to offer the best cloud migration practices in terms of competitive attributes like security, scalability, automation, recovering assets, removing assets to reduce operational costs, disaster recovery, and so on.

3 Designing a cloud architecture

We gather our existing resources, structure a team as per your business requirements to create a cloud architecture that achieves your IT objectives.

4 Automation

Our cloud experts develop a cloud model that helps you achieve the modern objectives of automation, DevOps, serverless setup, pay-as-you-go services, and all the other tech solutions.

5 Deployment and testing

We follow an iterative approach while deploying your assets to the cloud. Then, our team of experts stage it and test it for its operational efficiency, scalability, and functionality. Moreover, we continuously run maintenance and support protocols to prevent data leaks, optimize usage, and ensure superior performance always.

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