Build faster, smarter and secure mobile apps with IBM MobileFirst

Swiftly construct, prototype, and launch mobile apps in the market.

Develop secure hybrid and native mobile applications that help you stay ahead in the future with IBM Worklight mobile app development services. Unleash the power of MobileFirst powerful components to effectively manage the application versions and get operational insight of mobile application performance!!

IBM MobileFirst

Robust mobile apps backed with IBM MobileFirst Hybrid Mobility Platform

Today’s dynamic market conditions require hybrid, ubiquitous, portable, optimized, and innovative application structure and packaging solutions. It requires hybrid end products with high-value runtime, integration, security, and management services that are adaptable to variable business needs and demands.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly known as Worklight Foundation) offers a comprehensive platform to build, test, manage, and run mobile and hybrid apps. Adopting this strategy can drastically cut down your development and maintenance expenses. Besides, enterprises can benefit from enhanced security and governance of mobile applications that are easy to deploy and launch in the market.

Post employing its standard-based technologies and tools, IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation steels your mobile apps with an integrated solution possessing an adaptable development environment, mobile-optimized runtime, a private app store, a management and analytics console, and all the other features supported by security procedures.

At Triazine, our IBM MobileFirst services empower your mobile apps with security, scalability, and multi-platform engagement. No matter the type of app you want to build, maintain or launch: native, hybrid, or web-based mobile apps, our expert and accomplished developers can quickly architect, prototype, and bring them to the market.

Deploying mobile apps fueled by IBM Mobile Firstplatform: The process

Azure Development Services

Post understanding the business requirements and laying your organization’s mobile strategy, we identify the type of mobile applications that can be developed, ranging from mobile web, native, hybrid, or a combination of all. We also brainstorm about its supportive platform, like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.

ASP.NET Web Development
Assign a registered developed for app deployment

To deploy or publish your application on various app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you need an organization or developer registered with the IBM MobileFirst platform. Therefore, we register your organization to all such platforms in the early development cycle.

Universal App Development
Prepare a mobile application development environment

We install all the prerequisites like the MobileFirst Studio and mobile platform SDKs, an Eclipse-based IDE platform supported widely on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS.

.Design and code mobile apps
Design and code mobile apps

We employ native mobile development tools to build apps in the MobileFirst Studio.The different development technologies used include MobileFirst-powered ones, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

App testing in development environment

IBM MobileFirst studio offers embedded test server for app testing, app preview service to test your mobile app in a desktop simulator, mobile SDK simulator that provides a UI very similar to the actual device, and device testing to make sure that the performance and UI of an app is consistent throughout all targeted devices.

Integrated testing

IBM MobileFirst also offers integration testing in remote MobileFirst server environment. The app is first installed in an integration or QA environment available to all the registered and authorized testers.

Deploying to the production environment

Deploying an app to production environment is same that in the integration environment. We assemble and publish the application package for public distribution after checking its consistency with the guidelines mentioned for Apple and Android.

Development Team
Manage a MobileFirst mobile app

It consists of two parts: the native package and app web resources. For the native package, we follow App Store’s and Play Store’s guidelines. And, for app web resources management, we app specific features to customize app versions for different users.

What all you can do with IBM MobileFirst Platform Solution

Mobile-first apps have become a necessity for brands. People are accessing more mobile-based services than ever, directly impacting businesses and enterprises. With this tremendously expanding customer market, a multi-platform mobile development strategy makes sense. The modern app development company needs to focus on native mobile and web-based solutions that are hybrid in nature.

IBM MobileFirst Platform app development suite presents developers with a rewarding prospect to build progressive apps that include segmented app features and push notifications.

At Triazine, our IBM MobileFirst app solutions for Android and iOS cover prospects like:

Azure Development Services
Build an app

We develop secure, reliable, scalable, and engaging apps that work on multiple platforms like smartphones, web browsers, and tablets.

ASP.NET Web Development
Construct mobile apps in the cloud environment

Portable mobile apps are now a reality. Our competent and learned developers can code Swift end-to-end apps on IBM Cloud environments.

IBM Cloud
Move IBM Foundation apps to IBM Cloud

We can build, iterate, innovate, and shift Mobile Foundation apps on the IBM cloud environment in-a-jiffy. Such apps are quality assured for mobiles, offer advanced mobile access and push, insights, and foundations.

Plentiful advantages of IBM MobileFirst Platform

Installation and configuration

Developers can pick and choose the source components that need to be installed and configured together. It also allows users to understand the compatibility between different versions, what components to install, and where to find the components.

All in one solution

MobileFirst platform makes the design and development of mobile apps simpler and more productive by offering capabilities like project creation wizard, drag and drop editors, HTML5, CSS3, embedded dojo tool kit package, JavaScript API, environment-specific optimization, Apache Cordova framework, ability to improve hybrid apps with Native UI, possibility for dynamic HTML loading, and optimizing mobile web app performance with concatenation & minification, and many more.

Improving app frameworks with backend connectivity

A developer can use frameworks to access backend services. It allows them to use different technologies for varied types of applications, and find an optimal construction pattern for an app.

Multi-platform support

MobileFirst allows development for multiple mobile platforms. Moreover, when using its hybrid development model, you can code apps for iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

App analytics

MobileFirst platform allows you to develop your apps with real-time feedback and app analytics. Developers can secure the apps with code scanning, user authentication and encoding features. This allows for the individualization o the apps while enriching them with data that can be accessed across on-premises cloud and hybrid systems.

IBM MobileFirst application console

Its Application Console works like a dashboard for MobileFirst apps. It helps to control all mobile apps with the console acting as a user interface while sending out notification alerts as well.

Let us power your apps with IBM MobileFirst solutions!

We build affordable apps loaded with all the features your business requires developed in quick time. We offer highly tailored apps based on IBM MobileFirst to our clients. Regardless of the industry, you are in, our dedicated assistance is knocking on the door.

We have been collaborating with clients with varied requirements over the years. That said, we bring industry expertise, professionalism, and affordable services on the table. Over the years, we have delivered more than 200 solutions to 50+ clients.

Irrespective of the type of support you need while executing your projects with IBM MobileFirst platform, you can reach out to us. Our core team comprises skilled developers with a demonstrated record of success in the industry. Besides, you may want specific features to the integration into your apps. We can help you optimize the potential of IBM MobileFirst to outpace the competition.
Partner with the industry experts at Triazine for your one-stop assistance with dynamic mobile apps.

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