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The lucrative sports betting industry: Opportunities & growth prospects


The best part about UDDA- you don't have to invest your real money to experience the thrill of betting on live games instead you can use in-app gaming currency i.e. UDDA Bucks.

Project Overview

The sports betting market was valued at US$85.047 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness considerable growth at a CAGR of 11% with revenue of US$144.44 billion during the forecast period 2021-2024, primarily on account of the governments of numerous countries towards legalization of sports betting. Moreover, the widespread penetration of various legal online platforms in some countries will supplement the sports betting market growth in the near future. Online sports betting market is also poised to grow on account of the rising popularity of international sports events worldwide combined with the increasing popularity of high-end sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, football, golf, hockey, cricket etc, that has gained quite a lot of traction in the past years, which has led to a decent boost in sponsorships for clubs, teams, and players.

Additionally, the rising investment percentages by numerous sports organizations in marketing and promotional activities have increasingly led major betting companies to expand in sponsorships for sports teams globally. Then, the rising commercialization of sports events is considered a critical factor in positively impacting the market growth of the sports betting industry in the next five years.

Other factors positively impacting the industry growth are the rising consumer expectations, which has led to the constant participation of key market players in the form of partnerships, collaborations, agreements, and R&D for the launch of several platforms that can cater and satiate modern consumer demands.

Although the sports betting industry is lucrative, it might be restricted as some countries still consider sports betting an illegal activity. However, sports betting solutions that allow private contest creation for family and friends and offer custom features are bound to grow in this segment. With the increasing legalization of sports betting solutions by various governments in developed and developing countries alike, this market will be a prime growth opportunity in the near future.

The top 17 features of a sportsbook

The sports betting industry is witnessing tremendous growth worldwide, and legal sports betting companies are speeding to invest in this lucrative industry that promises limitless opportunities and growth prospects. It is why the internet is flooded with a plethora of several online sportsbooks and private betting sites, all claiming to offer an outstanding betting experience. The following are some features that every online sportsbook must have

1 User experience

the platform should be easy to use, contain a clean interface, easy to navigate, and free from any clutter. The functionality of the mobile app or web portal should indulge a bettor in a seamless and rich UI/UX experience that keeps them engaged with the platform.

2 Welcome offers and bonus system

bettors must be given a good start on the platform in the form of in-app gaming currency, coins, or bonuses. It would help to acquire more bettors effortlessly.

3 Mobile application and support

bettors must be able to access the platform via their mobiles or laptops. A responsive, scalable, and robust mobile and website design gives bettors ease of access but places the bet anytime and anywhere without any hassle.

4 Live betting bonanza

A great sportsbook must offer live odds for in-game wagering on popular markets like the NFL, MLB, and NBA, along with several domestic and international sports. For domestic games, a great mobile experience means traditional markets like Moneyline, point spread, prop galore, and totals.

5 A wide range of contests

apart from bets, a good sportsbook must offer different public, free-to-play, and private games where participants can join and earn rewards. It keeps the bettors engaged and lets them brush up on their skills.

6 In-app gaming currency and real money betting

awesome sports betting apps shouldn't have payment options like PayPal, credit card, debit card, over-the-counter, or even cryptocurrencies. Instead, they must generate several contests and loyalty programs to allow users to earn in-app money and enjoy betting without opening their wallets.

7 Best odds guaranteed

a sportsbook must offer excellent odds for the better by reducing their take or vig.

8 Loyalty rewards program

free bets, deposit bonuses, tickets to games, and merchandise are some ways to turn one-time bettors into loyalists.

9 Betting history

A great online sportsbook must offer clients all the information they would ever need to analyze their betting performance. An entire exportable betting history should be provided by a sportsbook.

10 Wide range of prop bets

prop bets are the entertainment life book of recreational bettors. Great sportsbooks must offer prop bets by the hundreds.

11 Several sports for betting

A good betting solution must offer a spectrum of sports and players for users to choose from based on all the current and upcoming sports tournaments.

12 User management

A user should manage all their information, including the betting type, betting style, amount placed on the bet, etc., on a single dashboard.

13 Betting analysis tools

several bettors look for lines, statistical summaries, and match previews before placing a bet. Good sports betting apps must offer in-depth analysis using the right search tools like AppsFlyer and CleverTap to make bettors feel more informed about their betting.

14 Security and safe environment

bettor’s data security and protection must be the top priority of online sportsbooks. Additionally, a sports betting solution must comply with the security standards set by the industry.

15 Live streaming

Is one of those features that turn a sports betting solution from good to great. Live streaming on any sportsbook can grow to be a true disruptor.

16 Compatible platform

A sports betting app should be available on platforms like iOS and Android and offer a similarly seamless experience to users of both segments.

About UDDA

UDDA is a leading and legally available sports betting solution (Mobile application and web portal). This social free-to-play sports betting app allows users to place bets on various sporting events like basketball, football, golf, hockey, etc., and win prizes.

The best part about UDDA- you don't have to invest your real money to experience the thrill of betting on live games instead you can use in-app gaming currency i.e. UDDA Bucks.

There are several ways you can earn UDDA Bucks and various other prizes in the app. For sports enthusiasts and competitive spirits, this app is turning the sports betting industry upside down. Said to be the next big thing in sports, this betting app is all you need to bet on prestigious games like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and world's soccer league or create custom contests for your group.

UDDA solution summary

Triazine used extensive knowledge and expertise to develop and maintain sports betting mobile applications and web portals to erect a modern sportsbook for UDDA. This app is a legally compliant sports betting solution that follows all the standard regulations like the client's age and the rules per a user's location to offer a seamless and effortless betting experience from choosing the sport to betting model, type, and expert tips. The application possesses all the features a sports betting solution must have and gives the users the thrill of betting on a live game via in-app gaming currency and soon with real dollars.

The challenge and solution


To further its stand in the online legal sports betting industry, UDDA wanted to build a mobile application and web portal that supports the current betting market and can scale in response to the changing trends and future needs.

Triazine developed sports betting mobile application
and web portal that is


Rich, powerful, easily navigable, and intuitive UI/UX app that gave them the feel of a real betting environment.


Loaded it with features like league management, feed integration from different sportsbooks, custom pools, betting analytics, in-app messaging, wager creation, choose from several sports and tournaments, analyze their bets before placing it, ensure user data security and protection, etc.


Create custom bets, pool, and bingo to play with family and friends.


Allow users to bet on different sports and tournaments like basketball, football, golf, hockey, horse racing, auto racing, soccer, baseball, etc.


A wide range of contests like free-to-play, public events, and private contests.


A scalable and robust mobile app that could easily accomplish all the future demands and needs.


A cross-platform application using React Native as its programming language to allow developers to use the same codebase for iOS and Android platforms.


Loaded it with features like league management, feed integration from different sportsbooks, custom pools, betting analytics, in-app messaging, wager creation, choose from several sports and tournaments, analyze their bets before placing it, ensure user data security and protection, etc.


Empower UDDA marketing team to analyze betting performance using superb analytics tools like AppsFlyer and CleverTap and accordingly manage the marketing campaigns.

Features incorporated in UDDA’s online sportsbook

UDDA brings sports betting to all mobile devices and web portals. It's a free app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Although UDDA is not the only sports betting app, several features place it ahead of its competitors. These include

done Sportsbook Betting

Allow users to choose from more than 50+ available sports and tournaments, and place their bets wherever they want. It ropes in sports feed/ODD from a leading global supplier of real-time betting data that aggregates and displays the odds published by over 60 worldwide sportsbook operators on a real-time basis. This information helps users make the right decision and place a better bet by analyzing their chances and risks.

done Live Game Score

UDDA is a feature-rich sport betting app that empowers users to stream live sports and provide real-time game scores, which ultimately enriches the overall game experience for a customer. Using UDDA, bettors can place bets on a specific game or sports during live streaming. In case of an ongoing live match with live scores, the app gives users the access of making up a bet to minute goals, a corner, cards, etc.

done Personalized PUSH Notification

The app engages users with personalized push notifications about upcoming events, new wagers, and any other changes depending on their betting history and behavior, eventually driving better engagement.

done UDDA Contests & Private Contests

UDDA supports a variety of contests to participate like Free-to-play, Public, awards & TV shows contests. All the public contests are managed by the UDDA team and anyone can join the available contests. In addition, users can create their own private contest as well and play with family & friends.

done Custom Bets (Squares and Bingo)

Allows users to create various custom bets such as football & basketball squares, baby shower bingo, baby pool, and play with family and friends. Allow users to send direct custom links to their family & friends to participate in the ongoing tournaments.

done Wager Options

Allow users to bet on sports on Moneyline, Totals(over/under), Spread, and Prop Bets. Knowing all the different varieties of bets doesn’t just give you more wagering options; it also enhances your chances of winning, because you know which bet to make when.

done Bet Settlement Engine

Bets and contests are settled as and when match scores are received from the feed provider. Automatically triggers the settlement engine using sports-centric logic, and settles the bet. It calculates the winning amount and notifies the winners.

done Login via OTP & Social Logins

Employed a Firebase SDK to allow users to register using their social profiles. Conversely, they can also log in or sign up using their mobile number and OTP

done UDDA Wallet

UDDA Incorporated an in-app wallet that only uses UDDA Bucks earned while using the application. This allows users to access the app without actually using any real money.

done Refer & Earn

Added a refer and earn reward program to earn a referral bonus.

done Mobile App Analytics

Integrated with a mobile app analytics platform allows promotional campaigns that involve more placing wagers like bonus bets and give users a rich personalized and dynamic app experience. Provide users with credits, different activities, or push-up notifications for better engagement

done Cross-Platform Single Codebase

UDDA's current version is built on React Native code and is free from bugs, errors, and lags, offering users the best online betting experience. Moreover, as a cross-platform app, it employs one code to reach both iOS and Android users. React Native apps are stable, fast, scalable, powerful, and robust.

The Results

UDDA’s revenue-oriented idea was to capitalize on the sports sector and allow users to bet on domestic and international games like the NFL, NBA, NHL, World Soccer League, etc, at the luxury of an on-the-go application and feature-rich web portal. They knew that the marketplace for social sports betting is huge and under-served and wanted to fill up that void with their sportsbooks, free-to-play social cards, slot games, and custom bets solutions. Being the early adopters and influencers of the sports betting market, UDDA required a powerful and user-centric app that could give its bettors the thrill and experience of real-life betting while using in-app currency i.e. UDDA bucks. We structured a mobile app and web portal development strategy for them that included developing a mobile app, solving issues and bugs, and providing post-development maintenance and support services. Today, UDDA is securing its long-term success and viability via our supplied solution, acquiring new users by thousands every day, enjoys positive ratings on Play Store and App Store, and focuses on its core business operations while we take care of its mobile application and web portals' performance. Its unique user experience has attracted considerable investment from VCs and investors, empowering UDDA to gear up towards building the future of betting- allowing its clients to use real dollars while placing bets on the app or portal.

Other considerable results delivered include:


Analytics integration helped UDDA understand customer behavior and forge personalized marketing campaigns and strategies to boost return on investment on the app via advertisement and expand the customer base. A lightning-fast speed solution-centric and market-relevant app and web portal helped UDDA connect with new customers, improve their brand presence, and increase sales and revenue figures with substantial ROIs.


Empowered the app and web solution with limitless performance and scalability that fulfills multiple customer requests without experiencing any lag issues or delay in action.


React Native coded hybrid app released stable and scalable iOS and Android solutions simultaneously with an interactive web solution while reducing operational costs and saving time.


Loaded with every modern sportsbook feature to enhance customer experience, grow customer base, and improve App Store and Play Store ratings.


Mobile App technology


Backend technology


Server hosting stack