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Maximise results at minimise cost and time investments with our BI & reporting services Big data plays an imperative role in online data analysis, gathering organisational information, and gaining actionable insights from intelligent reporting.


Our certified BI reporting experts help you create smart reports leveraging the modern reporting tools and empower a comprehensive intelligent reporting practice internally. As we streamline BI and reporting solutions for your organisation, you can grow and evolve your venture for limitless profitability. We help you reap the maximum benefits from BI reporting with data visualisations and extract valuable insights from this raw data to optimise their business performance and achieve consistent growth.

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In today’s competitive ecosystem, organisations face the constant pressure to improve their performance, leverage modern trends, and flow with the evolving market dynamics to stay relevant, grow sales, reduce risks, and achieve a competitive edge. Enterprises must understand the need to arm their workforce at all levels, departments, and posts with more accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and timely information.

As a Microsoft Partner, our team practices and leverages the complete suite of business intelligence tools, including Microsoft SQL Sever, SharePoint, and Office. Moreover, we even work upon other Microsoft products for data integration, analytics, and business intelligence, and visualisation. We can either deploy these tools as a standalone system or leverage them as a part of the SharePoint ecosystem.


Our business intelligence & reporting services

Our certified Microsoft experts address your business concerns and help you build a strong and secure data infrastructure. Our professionals can help you develop powerful dashboards that turn every strand of information into an actionable insight. The best part, we can deploy this data on-premises, public cloud, private cloud or redistribute it to your ecosystem. Our BI reporting solutions cover

business intelligence & reporting services

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Microsoft SSAS is a powerful analytical processing OLAP, reporting, and data mining tool built using the Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server Analysis Services is often used by organisations to analyse data available spread across multiple databases and make sense of it. Moreover, SSAS also empowers enterprises to discover data patterns not apparent via extensive data mining services. Our experts can help you read the data via the SSAS system, design data cubes, and organise it for actionable information.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Our BI and Reporting Services is a server-based platform that offers comprehensive analytics features for data sources. We implement the Microsoft Visual Studio environment to run the reporting services tools, fully integrated with the SQL Server and its components. Our SQL Server Reporting services provides a complete range of easy and ready to use tools and services to help you effortlessly mine, deploy, and manage data and reports. These services cover programming features and customisations. Our developers can enable developers to integrate or extend the data to the custom applications as well.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS, a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software and is employed by our team to assist in data migration, data integration, and workflow applications. At Triazine, we help you construct the right data foundation that helps integrate information across your enterprise. Our team is highly experienced in data management solutions and have assisted several SMBs, startups, and large organisations with accurate and relevant information, which eventually improves profitability, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Extraction/Transformation/Load (ETL)

Extraction/Transformation/Load (ETL)

Triazine assists you with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to move data across disparate systems to a centralised repository such as a data warehouse.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Our experts employ the SQL Server relational database services to design, manage and build a scalable and central repository to house all your data across genres and verticals for optimised reporting and analytics and to help you gain a single view of all your information.

Analytic tools - Our Competitive Expertise

As a leading business intelligence and reporting company, our experts have specialisations across several BI tools and platforms and even possess the skills required to collect, manage, read, and analyse data for success.


Tableau is basically a data visualization tool which provides pictorial and graphical representations of data


Add agility, resilience & performance superiority to your web portal using Microsoft Technology Stack.


Cloudera allows for a depth of data processing that goes beyond just data accumulation and storage.


RapidMiner is a powerful data mining tool that enables everything from data mining to model deployment, and model operations.

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Robotic Process Automation

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We can build a blueprint for custom BI and Reporting Services.