Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services

Hire the best offshore software developers in India with a proven track record of transparent, agile software delivery backed by metrics and output-driven development.

odc services

In the era of rapid digital transformation, the most pressing challenge global organizations face is striking a balance between cost-efficiency and delivering high-quality software solutions within defined timelines. As a dedicated offshore development company, Triazine helps you optimize development costs, scale up development capabilities to successfully achieve project outcomes, handle additional workloads efficiently, or build enterprise-grade applications with faster time-to-market.

Dedicated offshore development center with experienced resources

As a dedicated offshore development center with experienced resources across onshore delivery centers around the globe and offshore development centers in India, we can help you fulfill all your digital transformation and product engineering initiatives. With XX+ years of cross-functional experience across industries, Triazine has a proven track record for cost-effective, transparent, and agile software delivery backed by output-driven offshore development services. Tackle challenges around IT spending, hire certified experts across tech stacks, and confidently manage SDLC with our offshore software development services.

Dedicated offshore development center

Process of launching an ODC project with Triazine

Overcome IT spending challenges by accessing certified experts across various tech stacks and confidently steering your SDLC through our offshore development center services.

1 Engage Triazine as your vendor, share your project requisites, and let us align you with the ideal talent and infrastructure.
2 Reorganize your structure, delegate responsibilities to your new offshore team, and streamline communication between on-site and offshore teams for clarity in tasks and expectations.
3 Ensure robust ODC security measures by defining access protocols for specific project segments.
4 Deploy Define your preferred project methodology, implement project management tools, set milestones, and deadlines for efficient project management.
5 Establish a streamlined process for regular progress reviews and reporting between your on-site and offshore teams to monitor and track advancements.

Our Custom Offshore Software Development Services

ODC Services

Offshore Software Development Consulting

Custom Application Development

Whether you are looking to augment your in-house team’s capabilities, develop custom software solutions, or optimize your current business processes for reduced ROI and better performance, our seasoned consultants suggest a strategic roadmap for successful implementation.

Experience Design

Portal Development

Looking to revamp your digital products’ or eCommerce stores’ UX to deliver more intuitive and user-friendly experiences? Our proficient UI/UX specialists leverage innovative technologies to transform your web or mobile apps’ UX, enhance usability & accessibility, and provide seamless digital solutions across devices and touchpoints.

Custom Software Development

E-Commerce Development

As a leading offshore software development company, we leverage our expertise to build enterprise-grade, scalable and cloud-native software solutions, web & mobile apps and self-service portals that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and deliver tangible business value.

eCommerce Development & Optimization

Integration with Third Party Software

As an award-winning eCommerce development company, our certified Adobe Commerce & Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts provide strategic guidance to build robust eCommerce stores or optimize your existing eCommerce solutions for higher sales and personalized experiences.

Managed IT Services

Workflow Management

Our globally-located dedicated software development teams provide managed IT services and critical support solutions to ensure the optimum performance, security, and scalability of your software products. This includes performance optimization, security patching & vulnerability management, bug fixes & issue resolution, updates & enhancements, and code management.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Workflow Management

Leveraging our XX+ years of end-to-end experience in enterprise software development and quality engineering, our QA engineers perform rigorous manual, automated and continuous testing procedures to resolve errors, debug issues, and integrate continuous improvements across all stages of software development life cycle (SDLC).

The transformation journeys We've developed

We're known for our client-centric approach and our innovative ideas that have led us to build us a highly valued clientele worldwide.

Know about Other Services

Our professionals possess over a decade long expertise in providing long-term maintenance and real-time support services to accomplish all your software requirements. Leverage our proactive IT support and maintenance services to ensure bug-free deployment and make software robust and secure.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Ensure the high performance & speed of your software solutions with our advanced IT support and maintenance services


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