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Coding for a website or an app is very similar to building a house. When you set out to build a house, you purchase the material required to build the house like bricks, wood etc. and assemble them as per your requirement. Similarly, while building a website or an app, it’s advisable to use pre-built templates or frameworks and customize it to suit your requirements.

There are many such frameworks available in the market but JavaScript frameworks are the most popular because of the rich features that it offers such as – Flexibility, Responsiveness and an Intuitive interface. JS frameworks provide structure when appropriate, while still giving front-end developers the freedom to code when necessary.

As a leading Web development company we offer different JS Frameworks to select from, to suit your business requirement in the best possible way. Our experts can help you decide which framework is best for your business – Talk to our Experts NOW!

JavaScript Frameworks that We Use

angular js

Angular JS

Angular JS is a fully featured MVC framework that uses HTML to define the user interface. HTML is a declarative language which is more intuitive, less convoluted and less brittle to reorganize.

Angular JS allows websites to render quickly and efficiently. Amazing User Interfaces can be built using AngularJS. Angular JS is an all-in-one framework, with built-in tools for routing, state-management solutions, and form validation and can be considered as an extension to HTML syntax. It can create reusable components by directives.

Angular is a great tool to develop Progressive Web Apps.

React JS

ReactJS is more like an open-source JavaScript library rather than a framework. Used for building amazing user interfaces, it is good for rendering performance and is more suited for web pages

with high incoming traffic. It makes use of a virtual DOM, and hence, the integration of the same with any application is more straightforward and faster.
With React JS, it is easy to create UI Test Cases and reuse the code components. It can display components in large amounts quickly and efficiently and its specialized chrome extension makes it easy to debug.

React is great for responsive single-page applications.

Node JS

Node.JS is an open source server framework that makes use of JavaScript on Server and runs on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix etc..

Node.JS developers can scale up applications created in Node.JS in vertical as well as horizontal manners It supports real-time web application development and is highly extensible.
Node.JS package ecosystem is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

It can be used to create fast and scalable networking applications.

Why JS Framework?

Efficiency and Organization

The framework provides ready solutions for common coding issues and helps to keep the coding neat and organized


The framework makes it possible for the programmers to code the application as device responsive.

Saves Time and Money

The framework lets you choose from a wide range of ready templates, saving a lot of development effort and time.

Brings in Creativity

Since the developers do not have to start working on the application from scratch, it allows them time to focus on value adds and more pressing technical issues.

Real Time Development

It allows us to build multi-user real-time web apps.

Better User Experience

Virtual DOM in JS Framework helps to improve User Experience significantly.

Wide Range of Services

We offer Development, Migration, Upgrade, Maintenance& Support for JS framework applications.

Synchronous APIs

The framework makes it possible to sync APIs with its JavaScript foundation layer resulting in shorter time to market.

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