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Elevate business ROI and growth with AI-driven robotic process automation solutions

RPA Services

Empower your workforces with the power of automation and scale up business productivity and employee efficiency with our competitive and industry leading robotic process automation solutions. Our CMMI Level 3 certified team can help you significantly lower project release durations and boost your business growth and success with customized RPA solutions.

We can help you automate simple back-office operations and time-consuming business processes at scale with the speed and agility of a modern RPA model. Our coded software solutions can employ artificial intelligence to accomplish business objectives with no time lag, fueling your digital transformation goals. We’ve mastered the art of marrying human capabilities to that of rule-based automation bots and can assist you to handle complex automations speedily and flexibly. Leverage our domain knowledge of the enterprise-wide robotic process automation model for delivery excellence.

Transform your business for the future with the business capabilities of RPA

Today’s enterprise landscape demands innovation, creativity, and resilience in enterprise innovation. The mundanity of repetitive business tasks not only hampers your employee’s productivity but delays crucial business decisions, decreases business efficiency, and increases operational costs. Triazine Robotic Process Automation as a Service is designed to help you integrate with leading-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural learning processing, and other knowledge systems to drive enterprise-wide transformation.

We empower organizations in:

Our experienced RPA experts will work along with your IT teams to identify the right opportunities for automation, select the right technology for your RPA model, and ensure successful deployment. In case you have the right RPA model already up and running, our experts can help kickstart intelligent automation solutions. We’ve assisted several enterprises to adopt and scale their automation solutions and accelerate business transformation.

Our myriad of RPA services

We have experts, the right tools, and accolades, and partnerships, we can help you automate processes across industries, platforms, and use cases. Our holistic robotic process automation solutions include:

RPA Assessment

RPA Assessment

The first step to leveraging the RPA impact across the entire enterprise is to build a robust, agile, resilient, and scalable automation pipeline. We employ our experienced professionals to identify the right automation opportunities across the industry. We determine your current RPA readiness and maturity. By studying and employing your resources, technology, data, and operations, we customize your RPA solutions for maximum speed and agility.

Process mining and optimization

Process mining and optimization

The next step is to ensure that the RPA solution is scalable and ROI-driven. We leverage process mining technologies to gain a 360-degree view of your business operations, identify bottlenecks, evaluate issues, and calculate your automation speed and potential. Our experts envision the entire process and document every minute detail including human to machine movement, dependencies, efforts required, interfaces, and potential ROIs.

RPA development & deployment

RPA development & deployment

Based on the RPA model, we kickstart the development process through our certified experts and your IT team. Our solutions are customized to ensure efficient delivery of business processes and deploy them for production. We offer enablement training to empower your teams with the knowledge of development automation solutions and support business growth.

RPA automation operational model & CoE

RPA automation operational model & CoE

Depending on your RPA maturity, we offer a comprehensive strategy consultation for your automation operational model (AOM). We also administer an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) as per your unique business needs. We help build, maintain, support, and scale your RPA program with our change management, governance model, and continuous maintenance and support solutions. We also help you assess and track the RPA impact on your business.

Robotic operations center

Robotic operations center

Our RPA solutions don’t end after implementation. We want to ensure that your automated program is performing at the best of its speed, consistently. We offer multiple ROC models based on your requirements. Our experts help you with automated monitoring and response management and ensure superior uptime, 24/7 availability, and consistent risk mitigation.

RPA training

RPA training

We hold competitive partnerships with several RPA tools and platforms and can support your RPA journey from the first step. We even offer comprehensive courses in robotic process automation to hlpyou gain hands-on experience with creating AI bots. Our certified experts will help you leverage bleeding-edge technologies and automate processes within your organization.

Our robotic process automation services can help you with

Our RPA services are centered around helping you enhance your business’ productivity, maximize ROI, replace manual processes with automation, and help you focus you core business functions. Our intelligent automation can help you address the most pressing business challenges and maintain pace with the market disruption.

1 Accuracy

Reduce the incidences of data entry and other manual processes and replace it with smart automation processes.

2 Productivity

When your employees have time free from repetitive tasks, they can focus their energies on activities of higher value.

3 Reliability

As software robots powered by artificial intelligence are taught to read the system, they can accurately decipher business data.

4 Saving potential

When you roll out an RPA model, you significantly and drastically reduce operational costs, improving savings by 25% to 60%.

5 Scalability

RPA helps you scale your business up and down easily and seamlessly as per your requirements without having to think of time and cost investments.

6 Legacy modernization

RPA allows you to transform your legacy systems and work processes and modernize as per the modern industrial ecosystem.

7 Consistency

All you have to do is run a code and configuration to automate manual repeatable tasks once and the systems can adapt to it efficiently.

8 Cross-industry

An RPA model is applicable to diverse industrial genres and a growing number of use cases and easy to implement and maintain.

We support the following RPA tools

As a leading RPA implementation service provider, we support your RPA journey with these industry-leading tools, technologies, and platforms.

Automation Anywhere

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BI & Reporting solutions

BI & Reporting solutions

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