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Our experts understand the need for this change and help upgrade your systems and apps to boost business value. We find the right mix between your current application management and the new enhancements needed. Our application migration services improve upon your current applications and re-engineer them to a new version that aligns with your business goals and fulfils your expectations.

Reimagine, reengineer & redesign legacy apps for innovation with us

Triazine offers reliable and cost-effective legacy app modernisation and migration services, seamlessly migrating your apps to the latest technology. Also, we create custom migration solutions for legacy applications. Our legacy application modernisation solutions are tailored to help you deal with outdated technologies, inefficient processes and workflows and re-transform for innovation, scalability, and resilience.

Our legacy migration services will help you minimise IT investments, improve operational efficiencies, prevent data loss or threats, and assist in integration with newer applications and features to ensure cost-effectiveness.


legacy application modernisation services

Our certified experts have experience with proprietary frameworks, migration methodologies, tools, technologies, and plugins to boost the overall efficiency of your enterprise systems. By partnering with Triazine, you can ensure your business continuity without any glitches or system downtime.

legacy application modernisation services

Application assessment

Application assessment

Our professionals perform this mission-critical step to identify the effectiveness of your current system. Once we do so, we build a roadmap for legacy application migration, prepare a strategy that aligns with your current needs and seamlessly covers trends that might arise in the future. Our assessment methodologies promise a successful legacy app modernisation.

Re-engineering applications

Re-engineering applications

When moving to advanced systems, you need to ensure that your applications can easily fit into the modern skeleton. Our experts re-architecture your apps for advanced operating systems. This way, we ensure a smooth migration to new databases through automated processes.

Migration and upgrades

Migration and upgrades

We possess immense experience in application migration and product scripting. Our experts have knowledge in legacy and modern technologies and can easily manage technology migration requirements. Moreover, we even perform cleaning of database to ensure the current system accomplishes your overall business objectives.

Application modernisation

Application modernisation

Our team has assisted several organisations in reengineering their existing applications for lower operational costs and greater efficiency. Our legacy application modernisation services include planning, security assessment, migration, development, testing, deployment, support and maintenance supports. Also, we train your workforce on these modern systems to ensure higher productivity. Our expertise across methodologies and technologies help us offer superior legacy app modernisation services.

Migrate your legacy systems to overcome IT challenges and reduce risks

With our experts who have rich experience across the latest technology frameworks, we help you transform your current legacy systems and mainframe applications to an on-premises server, hybrid platform, or the cloud and empower you with limitless flexibility, functionality, and security. Our legacy modernisation process includes:

1 Data modernisation

We leverage modern technologies like AI, machine learning, NLP, and big data to streamline data pipelines and model your data structures for on-premises, cloud hosting, or a hybrid environment.

2 Containerisation

We ensure the reliability and superior uptime of your software by packaging and deploying your legacy apps along with its code, dependencies, etc., on a single object. With our containerisation services, your team doesn’t have to switch between computing environments and can easily run their enterprise systems.

3 Serverless modernisation:

We help you remove costs associated with infrastructure management, patching, OS maintenance, and so on by building you a serverless infrastructure on the cloud. This way, you can move more information to the cloud without having to rely on a server or experiencing any downtime or security threat.

4 Cloud-native replatforming

Our experts modify the components or parts of your legacy systems before moving it to the cloud without disrupting the framework that you have been working on and have experience with.

Technology Stack - Our Competitive Expertise

As a leading legacy application modernisation company, our experts have specialisations across several tools and systems and even possess the skills to maintain and update your legacy apps for success. This means, you can keep going on with your business while we migrate your legacy systems, preventing any significant shut down.


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We're known for our client-centric approach and our innovative ideas that have led us to build us a highly valued clientele worldwide.

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