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A CMMI Level 3 one of the top UI/UX companies in India that drive organizational growth with their intuitive design and experience with effortless and seamless navigation. Triazine’s custom UI/UX design experts perfect your omnichannel experiences across desktop, mobile and web applications while meeting your business’ specific requirements and industry standards.

As one of the best UI/UX companies in India, we’ve assisted several leading brands design and develop innovative digital user experiences that not only solve complex business problems but fulfil customer requirements and pain points.

Reinvent your business experiences with one of the best UI/UX agencies in India

At Triazine, we combine the innovative power of technology, creativity, and personalization to design and develop captivating user experiences that boost customer satisfaction rates, brand values, and conversions. Our knack about UI/UX designs and our experience in this domain help us leverage the best tools, futuristic technologies, and innovative solutions to drive significant business success.

We ideate, strategize and develop digital designs for the ever-increasing number of channels and devices. As one amongst the top UI/UX companies in India, our strong market experience, unique blend of technologies, competitive functionalities will help you forge meaningful connections with the most important asset of your business- your customers.

Our UI/UX design and development services

As one of the leading top UI/UX companies in India, we understand that the key to developing a successful mobile and web application is via implementing functionalities demanded by the target audience and designing eye-catching browsing experiences that agree with business goals and set industry benchmarks. Our experts help you with just that prospect.



The conceptualizing of the app structure commences with the prototyping wherein we optimize screens, layout, structural arrangement to allow for 100% customer satisfaction and memorable digital experiences. We meticulously follow procedures and processes to ensure responsive experiences across every channel.

Information architecture design

Information architecture design

Depending on the business theme and goals, we organize, combine, and add content on the several screens of the application. Of course, this step is governed by deep research and analysis into customer needs, their pain points, their desired solutions, and how the business is able to fulfil all these points.

User experience development

User experience development

As one of the best UI/UX agencies in India, we take a holistic approach to comprehend all the features and functionalities that need to be a part of this app after considering user expectations and demanded solutions. We map the entire user journey before implementing any visual, feature, and content.

User interface development

User interface development

Our experts design user interfaces that maximize business productivity, engage customers with one-of-a-kind designs, and ensure every idea is replicated into a visually appealing user interface. After compiling all the information required for the architecture, we proceed to designing interfaces that boost conversions.



Post information architecture outlining, we visualize and create an application blueprint also known as wireframing. As the best UI/UX companies in India, we employ all the digital assets to strategize each interface in terms of its content and design.

Product testing

Product testing

The next step is determining if it fulfills all the set standards via usability tests, including screen resolution tests, crowd testing, speed testing, compatibility testing, testing against competition, and so on. All these approaches ensure superior app performance and satisfactory customer experiences on web and mobile.

Our UX/UI development lifecycle

Our unique expertise in user experience designing has helped us become one of the top UI/UX companies in India while assisting ambitious brands to tap into the UI/UX potential. Our skilled experts possess a comprehensive understanding of the process and ensure nothing short of optimum results. The process includes:

1 Research

Before we commence the process of designing and development, we research all qualitative and quantitative aspects of it, compare it with competition, assess all your business needs and then create a blueprint accordingly.

2 Wireframe

The next step is developing a sustainable wireframe that includes all the core functionalities and navigation flow to decipher the final app model. It saves most of the design time and follows a solid design-based approach.

3 Design & Development

Using all the design tools and technologies, we start by designing layouts with content, features, and functionalities. Our goal is to create unique graphics that fulfil business objectives and ensure scalability and agility.

4 Usability Testing

All testing procedures ensure the design and content drive engagement. This reengineered model ensures ergonomic system interfaces taking into consideration a client’s feedback as and when it comes.

5 Maintenance & Support

Once developed, we now focus on maintaining and supporting it to ensure optimal performances, especially during peak traffic times, easy navigation, and keeping pace with the changing market trends and customer expectations.

Web Implementation & Support solutions

As one of the top UI/UX companies in India, we promise maximum product versatility via our integration solutions. The technology stacks we include are:

Adobe Photoshop

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